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Wanko GmbH: Your logistics partner with passion.

We Know Logistics.

We are your logistics software partner for tour planning, warehouse management and telematics. The core competence of Wanko Information Logistics is the development of logistics software for the optimization of all goods movements.
Benefit from our 50 years of experience in logistics processes, efficiency and consulting. We optimize your logistics with our Wanko suite: PraMag, PraCar and PraBord!

Logistik Life 4

We report from the world of logistics with our new issue of Logistik Life. In this issue of Logistik Life 4, we expand our last issue of Logistik Life 3 1/2.

Download the …
Wanko Logimat 2022
Wanko auf der Logimat 2022

To all those interested in a WMS, TMS or FMS

Finally live again! …
LogistikLife 3.5
Logistics Life 3 One and a Half

We report from the world of logistics with our special edition of Logistik Life. This exclusive online edition of Logistik Life 3 1/2 covers many important topics such as AI, UI&UX design, and research, as well as interesting reports from Traveco Transporte AG, Bremicker Verkehrstechnik, infoware GmbH, and Migros.

Dear Readers, when …
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