Definitions, abbreviations and information.

In our glossary, we offer you suitable definitions for important technical terms in the fields of logistics software, etc.

Automatic tour notification

This module offers the possibility to automatically notify tours to recipients and/or service providers.


Calculate warehouse costs (goods receipts, warehouse rent and goods issues) as well as the costs of services (labeling, packaging) simply and clearly. Create the basis for effective controlling.

Architecture and security

PraMag is essentially divided into the components data communication, application server warehouse, terminal server radio, PC users for the PC user (control station) and inventory management and the radio data terminals.

APW - Automated Picking Warehouse

We integrate automatic storage systems into all necessary processes.

AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle

Floor-bound conveyors with their own motor can be easily controlled with the PraMag warehouse management system.

Connection to external systems

Among others, we offer standardized interfaces to SAP, Navision, Sangross, Unitrade, AS/400 or Charisma. In addition, our unique interface configurator allows an individual combinations of the required field contents for any partner or host system.


In addition to the standard analyses, the PraStat module offers extensive options for keeping a constant eye on tours, warehouses and telematics and ensuring active process control.

Cold chain monitoring

By transmitting temperature data, you avoid interrupting the cold chain. Interfaces to existing temperature systems in the vehicle are set up.

Consumption optimization

An integrated FMS interface to the truck's CAN bus also supplies the telematics software with the vehicle data. In this way, the diesel consumption of the individual trucks can be compared and optimized.

Control of automatic warehouse and conveyor technology

Individual adaptation of the communication interface, e.g. transport orders, position messages, plant status and live identification, TCP/IP or 3964R are possible.
The identification point for the automatic generation of transport orders enables the control of the conveyor technology with storage location accuracy.

Control finished production

We control the timing of production lines via a dialog. Dispatcj point concepts are also monitored in the process.

Dispatch points

With the dispatch point management, it is possible to connect several dispatch points to the tour planning. This applies to drivers, vehicles, orders and tours. Each branch office can thus plan independently of other dispatch points and access its assigned data areas.

Disposition via transshipment warehouse

The inclusion of transshipment warehouses at different locations in active route planning is possible without any problems.

Driving and rest times

PraBord uses telematics software that also processes the current driving and rest times from the digital tachograph and thus provides the basis for dynamic adjustment of the respective route planning. If there is a risk of the legally permissible working hours being exceeded, this is indicated to the dispatcher and the driver in good time.

Driving times - monitoring

Monitoring the driving time
The timely monitoring of the driving time is an enormously important function for every freight forwarding company. This is especially true if the trucks use digital tachographs.
Monitoring by authorities
The control authorities use freight forwarding software to detect driving time violations over long periods of time in a matter of seconds.
Requirements & controls
In addition, there are strict requirements due to the working time regulations of the EU. Subsequent inspections by the police or other authorities can quickly lead to six-figure fines if driving time is negligently monitored, which can ruin a medium-sized company.
Early warning through software
With this in mind, the use of freight forwarding software is vital for a reliable control of driving times. It warns dispatchers and drivers in good time if there is a threat of driving time being exceeded.
Transparency and overview
The dispatcher can intervene immediately and possibly change the route at short notice. In any case, transparency is created, which is of great benefit to every freight forwarder.

Detect delays

The telematics software provides the data on the basis of which PraCar detects possible delays to individual tours. This can happen, for example, due to traffic obstructions or long waiting times during unloading. In this case, the driver is automatically told on the display of his on-board computer how to act.


For controlling purposes, PraCar offers various evaluation options. With flexible reports with Crystal Reports®, all documents required for delivery, such as loading list or the tour list, are created for you.
The data required for decisions in planning and operations management are statistically recorded and evaluated with Qlikview (PRA®STAT) (including printout). Alternatively, you can transfer the data for evaluation to Microsoft ®Excel at the push of a button or select a tabular display directly in PraCar.

Freight billing

A key function of freight forwarding software is freight billing. For this reason, freight forwarding software is also often used by shippers who issue credit notes to their carriers and forego invoicing.
The same applies to freight forwarders, who can use freight billing to simplify and speed up the management of the transport companies they use.
Freight invoicing accesses the order data within the freight forwarding software. Modern solutions are largely automated, so that all billing-relevant data such as transported weights, kilometers driven, agreed rates or even delivery receipts are stored digitally and order-related in a database.

Fleet management

Forwarding software offers efficient tools here - either as standard or via additional modules - with which the upcoming deadlines can be reliably coordinated.
The integration of freight forwarding software and fleet management software has a significant advantage: vehicles that are not available due to an upcoming inspection cannot be scheduled automatically.
In this way, misunderstandings between fleet management and dispatching are avoided.
Another effect of special fleet management software is the transparency it provides with regard to costs and any accumulation of claims for certain types of vehicles or drivers.

Freight billing

In freight billing, all billing agreements made with the contractual partners can be stored as a document. Using a simple graphical editor, the user assembles a contract from rules and billing modules.

Flow of goods

PraMag can be adapted to the individual conditions of the respective warehouse operation via well thought-out parameterization.
The centrally controlling parameters are e.g. putaway strategies, retrieval strategies, picking areas, transport areas or the digital route network.

Goods receipt

Cross-docking allows you to take the planned delivery into account at the time of collection. Optimal interim storage of goods for the next immediate delivery.
By storing consignments, special handling is
carried out for goods that are delivered with reference to a sales order.
Naturally, a comprehensive quality check is carried out at goods receipt (execution, best-before date, blocked stock).


Of course, PraMag also supports a wide variety of inventory types.

Inventory Management

PraMag enables different storage options from single-item to mixed handling units (mixed pallets possible), items with designs, batches or in colli reference.
Print storage location and handling unit barcode labels, as well as item labels.
Inventory management can of course be carried out for different clients/customers.
A clear stock history provides information about every change in quantity and warehouse movement and can then be analyzed.
The digitized warehouse plan with lanes, shelves and floor areas or the so-called route network forms the basis for storage location allocation. Use PraMag to apply different storage techniques such as stub storage, flow storage, block storage, shelving or outdoor storage.
Storage location allocation is variable for handling units of different widths. The segmentation is carried out according to the handling unit occupancy scheme.


Interfaces have to be created for the integration (import/export of data) into existing systems. We use our PraCon module for this purpose.
In addition, interfaces to several leading ERP systems such as SAP or Navision are available.

Interim storage

Intermediate storage facilities are taken into account, controlled and integrated into the overall supply chain managed by Wanko systems.


The organization and assignment of all conceivable means of transport is possible via PraCar's means of transport management. Even jumbo trailers or semi-trailers pose no particular challenge to our system.

Loading and unloading scanning

Loading and unloading scanning precisely maps the interface between warehouse output and vehicle loading. It was developed for special cases in customer processes. By connecting a scanner, packages are checked for completeness and damages and a corresponding message is sent back to the control center.

Legal driving times

The driving and rest times collected and processed by Wanko Telematik take into account the legal requirements. The data is saved in individual driver accounts and archived. On this basis, the system generates a list of key figures such as daily driving times, shift times or weekly driving times. The reporting system integrated in PraCar always informs the dispatcher about the current status of driving and rest times. If the legally permitted driving times are about to be exceeded, PraCar automatically generates a warning message that is displayed both on the on-board computer and on the dispatcher's PC.

Logistics software

Logistics is more than just transporting goods from A to B. Every step - from goods receipt and route planning to invoicing - needs to be well organized and managed.
With the use of state-of-the-art logistics software, logistics processes in the company can be optimized and, ultimately, costs can be saved.
Our IT software has been successfully used day after day for over 40 years in leading companies in industry, trade and freight forwarding.
We develop industry-specific solutions for warehouse management, transport and route planning, fleet management, dispatching, telematics and tracking.

Locating and cost reduction

Solutions for easy truck tracking are now offered by numerous manufacturers and service providers.
The precise positioning of one's own fleet via GPS signal brings clear benefits, but does not exhaust the possibilities of telematics by far.
Supplemented by an on-board computer, fleet operators can precisely monitor and optimize not only the current position but also the vehicle costs of individual trucks.
Interfaces to the digital tachograph and the CAN bus enable precise analysis of driving style, fuel consumption, and driving and rest times.
On this basis, vehicle costs can be significantly reduced by objectively comparing individual drivers.
Practice shows that an open approach to driver and cost profiles ensures healthy competition that can be rewarded in a targeted manner.

Maps - PraMap

The digital road network is based on raw data from the TOMTOM company. Over 176 countries are mapped down to the house number level.
The view of the road map makes it possible to display the unloading place as well as transport orders colorfully and pictorially on a map.
The map editor, specially developed by Wanko, allows you to add information to supplied map data (road conditions, road works information, closed thoroughfares). Map information entered by the customer is stored in a separate file so that it can be added to the map at the push of a button during updates.
Traffic restrictions and restrictions for trucks are displayed on the map on request and taken into account when planning routes.
An alternative tour course can be displayed on the map by drag and dropod.

Management Information System

The Management Information System (MIS) provides all relevant transport logistics statistics for management and controlling at the "push of a button".

Navigation to the destinations

In cooperation with Infoware, Wanko has developed an up-to-date navigation with automatic transfer of the corresponding destination address and extensive feedback. Thus, the route optimized in PraCar can be provided to the driver as a default.

Networking of driver and dispaters

From tracking to electronic signatures, Wanko's telematics ensures smooth communication between the driver and dispatch. An integrated navigation system shows the way throughout Europe and monitors the planned arrival times. In this context, the PraBord telematics software creates target/actual comparisons for convenient evaluation.

Order processing

The order processing allows the quick entry and processing of the orders to be scheduled. When new addresses are entered, they are automatically located on the basis of the city and street file. Ambiguous address assignments can be resolved by the user. The order is displayed with all relevant addresses, order positions, packages, package contents and delivery status. Furthermore, the proportional invoice and credit note amounts are listed for revenue calculation.

On-board computer

On-board computers form the basis for a functioning telematics system. On-board computers for freight forwarders must have certain features. They should be particularly robust and versatile. Robust, so that they can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday transportation, and versatile, so that they can meet a wide range of requirements.

Paperless transport control

With paperless transport control, the allocation of transports to the forklifts takes place automatically. PraMag knows the location of each forklift. Once the forklift has completed a job, it gets the job that causes the least empty running from the transports that are suitable for it. In the process, transports with a high priority are assigned preferentially.


Rush orders and immediate orders (e.g. counter purchases) are activated immediately in the warehouse management system.
Automatic replenishment control:
Thanks to the online transmission of self-pickup orders, replenishment orders are automatically integrated into the ongoing process.
We provide various methods for determining the ideal storage location. By integrating the workflow module, you as the user can exert a high degree of flexibility in influencing transport control.
The picking control system via radio data transmission enables the allocation and control of tasks to be processed by the pickers.
In multi-level picking, you link different picking areas.
Parameter-controlled picking order creation enables individual picking, per customer, tour or block.

Picking area

Retrieval areas of a warehouse can be grouped into picking areas. The PC user (control station) can see for each retrieval order which work is pending in which picking area.

Picking control station

This is the heart of PraMag, where the orders of the day are clearly displayed per shipping type and tour. The logistician has an immediate overview of how far the picking has progressed, whether and which preparatory work such as stock transfers to the collection points or pre-picking work has to be carried out and whether all the articles required for delivery are available in sufficient quantities in the warehouse.


PraMag supports picking via document as well as via radio MDE.

Process-oriented control

Freely configurable strategies can be selected in the storage and retrieval area, taking into account storage area, FiFO or BBD.
With the missing parts control, you feed urgently needed goods into the staging area.

The processes can be configured separately for each branch of your company thanks to the branch functionality. Through the integration of the workflow module, you can influence the control to a high degree.

Production control

With the production control you control the production of an article - including picking of the required part articles (bill of material).


As part of our extensive statistical analyses, we also rely on our reliable partner Qlikview.

Reservation strategy

For each stock removal order, it is possible to define where the goods are to be staged. The definition is done by assigning a reservation strategy to the order. In addition, PraMag makes it possible to specify for each item of the retrieval order according to which retrieval strategy the goods should be determined.

Replenishment control

Replenishment control can be performed fully automatically by PraMag. When picking is released, the required quantities are first reserved on pallets located in the collection zone and then on pallets in the reserve zone based on the retrieval strategy.

Resource Management

Your transport/loading equipment is managed via a loading equipment account per vehicle, forwarder, depot and customer. For loading and unloading bookings within a tour, a counter posting is always made on the vehicle or forwarder of the tour.


The roadserver was developed by Wanko to speed up the complex and extensive calculations of tours based on the road network.

Resource Operating Plan

The resource operating plan is used for long-term advance planning of driver deployments on the vehicles.


A special dialog is used to maintain permanent or temporary restrictions of road sections and to make them usable for route optimization.

Recipient signature

A signature can be obtained for each delivery. This signature can easily be used for proof of delivery.

Saved administrative work

The time-consuming process of looking up billing agreements is eliminated and all freight credits are calculated at the touch of a button.
Of course, freight invoicing can be used not only to create credit notes, but also to automatically write invoices.
In any case, the freight billing function of a good freight forwarding software significantly saves administrative work.

Storage strategy

Depending on the goods receipt place, handling unit and article, the storage strategy is defined in PraMag. For each storage strategy, it is possible to define the order in which a suitable storage place is to be searched for in the individual storage areas.


The start-up of Wanko software products follows a clear concept: The new system is introduced parallel to the old process. Employees experience how processes become simpler, how they work and which steps should be optimized for the benefit of efficiency.

Swap body management

With the function swap body management, load carriers such as swap bodies, trailers or cases of any kind can be managed easily and comprehensibly.

Seamless integration

The Wanko tour planning system PraCar, the warehouse management system PraMag, as well as the telematics PraBord work on the basis of a common database. Together, the three modular products form our unique and integrated logistics control system with which you can control and optimize your logistics processes. Expand PraCar with PraBord and send tours to your on-board computer directly from the tour planning, the target and actual routes are compared, the delivery status per delivery point and order is displayed.

Suite provider

Wanko is a classic suite provider. The supply chain is completely mapped with the Wanko products PraMag, PraCar and PraBord.

Strategic tour planning

In strategic tour planning, tours are created that can then be derived into the operational planning. The procedure and calls of the "Basic" variant are essentially identical to the strategic/operational planning.
The module is specially designed for the case that daily operative orders are planned on a predefined number of tours with the usually same drivers and vehicles and the tours are always named the same way.

System implementation during operation

With PraMag and PraCar, you can be sure of a trouble-free introduction phase. This is ensured by a unique, step-by-step implementation concept that guarantees a vibration-free changeover with maximum process reliability. As with a production plant, the responsible employees can thus start up the new system step by step.

Scanning at delivery or package level

More and more of our customers are using our PraBord telematics solution to establish seamless shipment tracking all the way to the customer. This keeps them up-to-date in terms of service and timely feedback.

Send photos

Sending photos allows the driver to record any transport damages.

Shipping and loading

By scanning each package or transport unit and checking the weight of the shipping units, you can achieve almost 100% error-free delivery quality.
You can track the shipping status at package level via online transmission.
PraMag has a connection to a wide variety of shipping systems, such as DHL, if you want to work with external providers.

Trailer parking control

This enables further optimization of the tour. In the optimization, time parameters and capacities of the motor truck and trailer are taken into account.

Toll routes

In PraBord, all toll routes are automatically recorded and reported to the tour planning system. This allows a comprehensive evaluation of the toll costs for the tour.

TARGET/ACTUAL comparison

In order to optimize costs, driving behavior, etc., it is relevant for every dispatcher to recognize deviations between the planned tours and the tours actually completed. This is possible at any time in meaningful reports thanks to the seamless connection to telematics.

Transportation Management

With the PraCar transport management system and the PraBord telematics system, Wanko offers an integrated solution that combines end-to-end order management with the areas of route planning, navigation and the monitoring of driver and vehicle data.

Tour planning

Efficient route planning for trucks is becoming increasingly important in logistics. The trend towards "green logistics" and the increasing ecological and economic pressure on shippers and logistics service providers are giving further impetus here.
With efficient tour planning, the kilometers driven, operating costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the individual trucks can be significantly reduced.

Transport resource management

Transport/loading equipment management is carried out via loading equipment accounts, which in turn can be displayed at different levels.

Transport cost evaluation

The TLK3000 module offers the most extensive possibilities for transport cost evaluation.
It is a selectable cost evaluation that shows the profitability per customer or client on the basis of tour costs, tour planning and entered sales.

Tour optimization

Is the core function of tour planning syste,: Tours can be compiled and optimized both manually and automatically. Algorithms created in-house and proven in practice are used for this purpose.

Tour control

Based on a target/actual comparison, the dispatcher is able to initiate appropriate measures at any time in the event of disruptions. In addition to the planned tour, the dispatcher is shown the actual data (track progression) on the digital road map.

Transport control system

In the transport control system, process disruptions are taken into account.
The determination of the next transport order per work area enables a flexible assignment of work areas to employees. The so-called "route network double play" serves to optimize the way in the warehouse and avoids unnecessary trips through its anticipatory function.

Vehicle data

The vehicle data is transmitted via FMS interface.

Vehicle tracking

Constant queries to the driver are no longer necessary. The current location of the vehicle and its current activity is displayed synchronously and clearly in the route planning.

Vendor managed inventory

Vendor-managed inventory, also called supplier-controlled inventory or supplier-managed inventory, is a logistics means of improving supply chain performance in which the supplier has access to the customer's inventory and demand data.

Warehouse control station

In the warehouse control center, the respective progress of picking per tour is displayed.
You receive automatic online notification in the event of shortages or stock differences, cancelled transfer orders or blocked storage bins with the so-called clearing function.
The personnel deployment control with user and authorization management enables manual assignment of tasks.
In addition, PraMag enables a clear evaluation of the picking performance, priority control, specification of the picking sequence and many other functions.

Warehouse Management

The introduction of new central software systems - such as warehouse management systems(WMS) - is associated with risks for every company. If the new warehouse management system does not work from day one, delivery bottlenecks and sales losses are pre-programmed.
This problem is alleviated with a changeover from the previous to the new WMS, which is carried out completely parallel to the existing process organization.
In the process, the customer's previous actual process is mapped in the target system.

Warnings for violations

The driver's driving and rest times are automatically taken into account during planning. Thus, the dispatcher can immediately influence the planned course of a tour.

Workflow editor

Workflows are predefined work processes in a system. With the help of the "WORKFLOW EDITOR" you can define, map and edit these workflows. This allows you to make individual adjustments for your system at any time.

Warehousemanagemant - PraMag

PraMag is a professional system for controlling and optimizing operational processes in the warehouse. The processes for the warehouse worker are kept as simple as possible. All inputs are limited to the necessary minimum and efficient action.


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Yard Management

As a suite provider with coordinated tools, the interaction of the programs and the coordination as well as the control of all movements, activities and means of transport inside and outside the plant premises as well as their tracking are elementary components. These operations are also called yard management.

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