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The boundaries between online and offline commerce are increasingly dissolving and a variety of hybrid models are emerging. Whether you serve your customers through online or offline distribution channels: Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

Logistics Software for the Furniture Industry

Advantages with our products:

Production planning and control

The planned tours are optimally assigned to the individual production days. Taking into account daily related production line capacities. In doing so, PraCar takes into account the production line values shown in the tours. In case of capacity overruns on individual lines, an automatic load balancing for the production days takes place. Furthermore, the loading date is automatically determined and then assigned to the individual tours and reported to the ERP system.

Resource operating plan

The resource operating plan is used for long-term advanced planning of driver assingment to vehicles. For this purpose, PraCar even takes into account the qualification of fitters when planning an optimal tour.

On schedule tour notification

This module offers the possibility to automatically notify tours to recipients and service providers. Service providers receive the data via a configurable interface.

Control of the fitters

Consider individual qualifications as well as specific customer circumstances for determining required assembly times as part of route planning.

Placement dialogue

Our placement dialog offers freely configurable loading schemes for determining and displaying the axle load per swap body.

Assembly control

Synchronization of order, delivery and assembly. What practical experience has shown to be complicated, Wanko has now made simple. This saves our customers time and money and satisfies the end users.

Load space optimization

Together with customers and research partners, the OptiCap cargo space optimization system was developed for practical use. It can be used to significantly reduce transport costs.


The industry solutions naturally include functions such as freight billing, restrictions and much more.

From manufacturing to furniture trade
With our many years of experience in furniture production and furniture trade, you can plan and optimize the storage and transportation of your products. With PraCar you take into account in the tour constellation not only the delivery of furniture, but also its assembly, including different assembly qualifications and degrees of difficulty.

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