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With the Wanko logistics control system you optimize your entire logistics chain. You increase your success and your efficiency. Thus, you significantly reduce your logistics costs and improve your quality. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

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Logistics software for materials and materials processing
Wanko Informationslogistik: Your logistics partner for building materials.

Advantages with our products:

Formation of partial deliveries and backlogs

The creation of partial deliveries or backlogs is a standard feature of our logistics software.

Automatic post optimization

With post-optimization, late orders are automatically assigned to existing tours.

On schedule tour notification

This module offers the possibility to automatically notify tours to recipients and service providers. Service providers receive the data via a configurable interface.

Production planning

The planned tours are optimally assigned to the individual production days. Taking into account daily related conveyor capacities, of course. In doing so, PraCar takes into account the production line values shown in the tours. In case of capacity overruns on individual production lines, an automatic load balancing for the production days takes place. Furthermore, the loading date is automatically determined and then assigned to the individual tours and reported to the ERP system.

Map editor

The map editor, specially developed by Wanko, makes it possible to manually add your own information to supplied map data such as road conditions, road works information or closed thoroughfares. The map information entered by the customer is saved in a separate file so that it can be added to the map at the push of a button when updates are made.

Integrated Warehouse Management

Automatic integration of late orders into the running process

  • The transmission of late orders takes place automatically via the MMS.
  • Automatic picking release for rush and immediate orders
  • Rush orders, such as counter sales or pick-ups, are activated immediately in the WMS and integrated into the ongoing process.
  • Storage of commissions
  • PraMag provides you with a special handling of goods delivered for special orders.
  • Crossdocking
  • This function takes into account the planned delivery already at the time of collection and enables an optimal intermediate storage of the goods for the immediate next delivery.
  • Missing part control
  • This function is used to control the feeding of urgently needed goods from goods receipt to the picking station or to the staging area.
  • Variable storage space allocation with load carriers of different widths
  • The segmentation of storage bins (means of transport allocation scheme) is carried out according to the different conditions of the load carriers.

With our PraCar, PraMag and PraBord modules, you control your processes consistently and transparently. Deliveries to your customers, pick-ups from suppliers and construction sites, and direct deliveries from the supplier to the construction site are system-supported and automatically coordinated with the actual conditions of day-to-day business. The close interaction of PraCar tour planning and PraMag warehouse management enables dynamic control of your warehouse.

Additionally, use the telematics module PraBord and automatically receive the required status information of the vehicles in time. This allows you to intervene proactively in the event of deviations from the plan. In doing so, you ensure timely provision of the goods for reloading and you can shorten your yard time significantly.
Optimize your logistics with your independent, consistent partner with years of experience in the construction, plumbing and heating industries.

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