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With a turnover of around 15 billion euros and an annual production of 23 million tons, a total of around 3,000 different types of paper are produced nationwide. Wanko enables the smooth transport of this important resource. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

Logistics Software for the Paper Industry

Advantages with our products:

Automatic planning

Automatic scheduling of delivery orders, taking into account available vehicle capacities and other relevant parameters.


Based on the post-optimization, an optimal allocation of late orders to existing tours is carried out.

Integrated means of transport management

Provide the current account balances to your customers at any time and charge them directly. The integrated means of transport management enables an automated recording of the means of transport movements including billing and cost calculation.

Transport costs

With this module the costs of the planned and driven tours can be calculated on the basis of predefined cost parameters. The costs of the own and external fleet can be taken into account. The costs of a tour are distributed to the tour positions or unloading points and to the orders.

Seamless connection to PraMag and PraBord

The Wanko tour planning PraCar, the warehouse management system PraMag as well as the telematics PraBord work based on a common database. Together, the three modules form our unique and integrated logistics control system that controls and optimizes your logistics processes. Extend PraCar with PraBord and send tours to your on-board computer directly from route planning.

With Wanko tour planning, you can plan your transports quickly, clearly and purposefully. For paper wholesalers or even for producers in this industry, our customized solutions offer a wide range of options for optimizing your entire logistics processes.
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