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Increasing competitive pressure, ongoing market changes and constantly new requirements in the retail sector ensure an enormous speed of innovation throughout the industry. In order to stay one step ahead of competitors, the permanent improvement of your processes is essential. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

Logistics Software for Retail

Advantages with our products:

Same Day Delivery

With this concept, you ensure reliable delivery logistics for online orders placed at short notice. With the time-definite delivery promise, you ensure maximum customer service.

Strategic and operational planning

Create optimized outline tours taking into account
• customer conditions such as delivery and unloading conditions
• determined reference quantities per customer, assortment and THM
• optimized delivery rhythms
• available fleet capacities
as the basis for a rolling outline tour plan, if required.

Operational planning

Operational planning includes automatic customer orders based on the existing strategic outline tours. Update your existing planning with values from picking. With post optimization, PraCar enables the optimal allocation of reorders or unscheduled orders.

Integrated means of transport management

Provide the current account balances to your customers at any time and charge them directly. The integrated means of transport management enables an automated recording of the means of transport movements including billing and cost calculation.

Staging and ramp management

The staging and ramp control helps you to make tour planning more efficient with regard to available space in the loading process. With PraCar, the available capacity and the current occupancy of the individual gates can now already be taken into account during tour planning when loading is done later.

PraCar supports you efficiently and optimized with all your logistic requirements. Thanks to the seamless connection to our warehouse management system, you can map your processes consistently all the way to your suppliers.

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