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Customer information: Apply now for digitization funding!

We would like to point out to our customers and interested parties that there are numerous funding programs for projects for digitization and more efficient use of resources. The linked websites are provided for your information and guidance on applying for funding. For further information, please contact our sales department.

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Förderung für Digitalisierung

Dear customers and interested parties,

You are planning the introduction of our IT solution or an extension in the area of tour planning or fleet?

We will be happy to advise you and support you in the introduction or expansion of our IT solutions for warehouses and fleets. Our comprehensive optimizations provide the solution for
the efficient and resource-saving success of your company and at the same time help you to drive forward the digitalization of your processes.

In addition, we would like to use this letter to draw your attention to the extensive support programs available at federal and state level. In addition to the well-known De Minimis program, which is already used by some of our customers, there are additional funding programs that support projects for digitization and more efficient use of resources.

Due to the diversity and differences in terms of region and federal state, we are unfortunately unable to make any specific recommendations on individual funding projects.
We therefore recommend that you contact your regional advisory offices and business development agencies. The following internet links will provide you with additional initial information and an overview of the topics as well as contact persons.

We will be happy to explain the arguments for applying for funding in a meeting

Kind regards

Wanko Sales Team

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