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IPMA certification of Wanko project management completed

The IPMA certification of the project management was successfully completed.

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IPMA Zertifizierung

The Ainring-based software company has been on a growth path for years. Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH is in Berchtesgadener Land since 1972. Originally originating from logistics consulting, the company set its sights on the development of logistics software at an early stage. Today, Wanko is active in over 20 countries. Its customers include international conglomerates as well as medium-sized companies.

Logistics software for highly complex requirements is developed at the site. The three main pillars are software for warehouses of different sizes and characteristics, for tour planning and for telematics.
Tens of thousands of truck tours are handled daily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, and goods are delivered to the customer on time.

The company is subdivided into various areas, one of the most important of which is project management, which now has almost 30 project managers who use their excellent expertise to ensure that Wanko software is implemented in a process- and customer-specific manner. Several hundred projects are successfully implemented here every year.

In order to counteract the shortage of skilled employees in the IT industry, since the end of 2016 the company has increasingly relied on young talents from its own ranks and, above all, from the region. In the meantime, the number of employees working at the headquarters has risen to over 90. "Bringing the knowledge of experienced colleagues and the know-how of the young under one hat is a very important aspiration for us," says Christian Schulz, Head of Marketing at Wanko.

In 2020, work began on certifying all project managers in accordance with the IPMA standards. The requirements of the customers and the demands on qualified project management were defined in workshops. Together with the company VOSS Consulting, all project managers were subsequently trained and educated in two blocks. The certificates were handed over by the management in spring 2021.

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