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Logistik Life 4

We report from the world of logistics with our new issue of Logistik Life. In this issue of Logistik Life 4, we expand our last issue of Logistik Life 3 1/2.

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Dear customers
dear interested parties,

we are pleased to present to you our new issue of Logistik Life.

The Logistik Life is our internally produced logistics magazine, which contains the latest information about our company, our partners, and our products in use by customers. With the Logistik Life you get an internal look at future plans and what progress our customers achieve with our software suite - consisting of Tour Management, Fleet Management, and Warehouse Management. In addition, there are always personal comments and insights into how we actively involve our junior staff in our company.

Enjoy reading!

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Overview of topics:

  • Celebrate 50 years of Wanko with us! 
  • IPMA Certification  
  • Migros - Digitalization 
  • Cosmetic surgery with a difference 
  • PraBord Pro 
  • MapTrip 
  • FH Salzburg 
  • Welcome to the Future 
  • Fair. Transparent. Fair to the Polluter. 
  • Fraunhofer Validated 
  • Sustainability 
  • Logisticians in the Sign Forest 
  • The Logistics IT Selection 
  • The Logistics Software Suite 
  • Wanko Puzzle Corner 
  • New homepage 

Would you like a printed copy of Logistik Life 4? Please feel free to contact our Sales Team to secure your free copy!

Currently, our magazine is only available in German. If you are interested in a digital translated version of our magazine, feel free to contact us!

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