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Youth Researches

As part of a project team, our so-called "youngsters" had the chance to develop a dashboard for a simulated customer and combine their expertise with today's requirements for customer inquiries.

Youth | Researches | Wanko | Logistik Life | | Article by Christian Schulz, Marketing
Jugend Forscht
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„Young Researches.“

This, or something similar, is how you could describe our 2019 training project. With the task of developing software to support our project management, we had to experience, understand, coordinate and, if necessary, suffer everything that happens in real projects.

The agile project team had to get organized and get sprints on the road with an extremely short runtime and under time pressure.

In this case, an experienced colleague acted as the customer, or product owner, who, as in real life, wanted the fastest possible and most cost-saving software.

The objective of the project was to inhale the Wanko team spirit, to experience the challenges at the customer and at the same time to remain extremely structured and process-oriented. The understanding of the role to unite the areas of responsibility of the individual professional fields of development, system integration and project management was also part of the project.

The end result was a working prototype of PraProject.

Resumee: mission complete.

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