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1972 is the year in which the Wanko company takes its first steps. Since then, the requirements for logistics processes have changed a lot.

Simplicity, reliability and innovation are core concepts that characterize the basis of our work and our relationship with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We develop simple solutions for complex problems and combine tradition with innovation.

We have been shaping the future of logistics together with our customers for 50 years.
Alexander Wanko, CEO Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH
Meilensteine der Firmengeschichte
Fraunhofer validation
Wanko is the first company in Europe whose warehouse management AND tour planning software has been validated by the Fraunhofer Institute.
Advanced training
25 project managers are trained and certified according to the international IPMA standard.
PraProjectmanagement, the Wanko project management division, is restructured and the starting signal is given for the IPMA certifications of all project managers at Wanko GmbH.
Wanko goes to Brazil - WHITE MARTINS -
Wanko wins tour planning contract for Praxair subsidiary in Brazil.
45 Years Wanko
Wanko continues to grow. For the first time in the company's history, more than 80 people are employed.
PraMag - Warehouse Management
The cooperation with Fraunhofer IML has expanded. The WMS has been validated and Managing Director Alexander Wanko was elected to the Advisory Board of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics.
Hardware Partnership
In order to meet the high demands of the customers and to guarantee the best possible support, Wannko wins a strong partner in terms of hardware with GLOBOS.
Swap Body Management
Wanko now offers an end-to-end solution for picking up, exchanging and parking swap bodies in scheduled and intermodal transports. The planning of cross-location transports is convenient and the dispatcher easily keeps track of all resources. With the new add-on module, tours can also be scheduled with any exchange of resources (swap body, vehicle or trailer) on the way.
PRABORD now also Relies on Android
Our PRABORD telematics system has now been adapted for use under the "Android" operating system. This enables the flexible use of all known mobile devices running on this system. The proven application, combined with the flexibility of the market-leading operating system, helps you meet the versatile, logistical requirements of your everyday life.
Wanko dispatches the railroad
In the project, which was launched together with Railcare, Wanko is working on rail transport scheduling.
40th anniversary of the company
Wanko celebrates: 40 years of existence and as modern as never before.
Same Day Delivery in the Food Market
Wanko wins two well-known customers: The grocery giants EDEKA (south-east Bavaria) and the Swiss retail giant Coop. A unique concept for the delivery of online orders via coop@home is developed for and with Coop. From now on, the time-based delivery promise will ensure highly reliable and at the same time optimized delivery of online orders placed at short notice.
Heterogeneous planning systems under one roof
As part of fenaco, Traveco has to ensure logistics are not only smooth and cost-efficient, but above all, also transparent. This in turn requires end-to-end information technology. The heterogeneous planning of the logistics service provider poses requirements that could not be more different. From the planning of gas, to loose bulk goods, to frozen and fresh goods, you name it. Wanko replaced two old route planning systems and a warehouse management system with just one end-to-end solution.
Research & Development with Fraunhofer
Wanko starts the first joint research project with Fraunhofer and Cargoline. The subject of the project is the question to what extent the ATLF (advanced truckload firms) concept from the USA can be transferred to Europe. More info here: http://www.scs.fraunhofer.de/de/themen/atlf.html
Furniture giant Porta becomes a customer
The fifth largest furniture store in Germany, Porta, becomes a customer. Resource scheduling is used for the long-term disposition of vehicles and drivers (strategic disposition). Wanko developed an interactive tool to determine the most cost-effective tour (the customer service department controls customer delivery).
Wanko opens up the construction segment
Hornbach, the pioneer in the industry, relies on Wanko's end-to-end logistics control system.
Wanko enters the BULK sector
With three of the "Big Five" gas producers, Wanko is conquering this area on the fly. The new requirements for tour planning (no fixed loading point, forecasting procedures and much more) are solved with the industry solution PRAGAS.
Telematics development
Previous telematics systems incompletely covered the requirements of the dispatcher and driver and were complex to connect. For this reason, Wanko decided to program and offer an integrated telematics solution itself. The telematics PRABORD together with the tour planning PRACAR offers new possibilities to increase efficiency. Previously planned tours are simply transferred from the control center to on-board computers at the push of a button. Tracking and tracing, Europe-wide navigation, scanning at package or delivery note level, and much more are greatly simplified.
“Best product" award
An independent jury of logistics experts, professors and trade journalists awarded Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH the prestigious "Best Product" prize at the LogiMAT trade fair. The award was given to the unique transport and warehouse logistics system developed by Wanko - consisting of the modules PRA®MAG 3000 and PRA®CAR 3000.
Breakthrough in automatic route planning
Wanko develops a unique route optimization method with students from the University of Novosibirsk. For the first time, Wanko has an algorithm that works efficiently and reliably even under practical conditions.
Onboard computer update
The release of a new on-board computer version based on Windows CE takes place. From now on, it is possible to sign electronically. In addition, the on-board computer contain a "delay alarm" to draw attention to delays.
Change of name
Wanko and Salt are going their separate ways again. The consulting and system house in Ainring, Upper Bavaria, near Salzburg, will be managed by Ms. Yvette Wanko and Mr. Alexander Wanko with immediate effect. Furthermore, Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH plans and optimizes business processes of its customers in logistics and supplies software for their realization in the fields of warehouse and transport.
Mergers & Acquisitions
To optimize resources and focus on its core competencies, Wanko decides to merge with Salt.
3rd generation warehouse management
The new 3rd generation of the warehouse management system (WMS) celebrates its premiere at Schlumberger (beverages) and has been controlling the processes in the warehouse ever since.
Road network
In the meantime, companies have specialized in digital road networks. From now on, Wanko buys more road networks from external suppliers (company DDS).
First in-house development on-board computer
This year, Wanko produces its first in-house developed on-board computers. This measures the speed of the truck via LED light contacts. With a practical magnetic holder, it was possible to mount the device in the vehicle. In a tour list, which is provided with barcodes, the driver thus scans his activities.
Wireless data transmission
Instead of picking up the route list at the control center, the driver now received the data wirelessly. Thanks to the integrated modem in the Siemens S2 Mobile, the on-board computer and a black box (COBC), data exchange between dispatch and driver/vehicle took place digitally for the first time.
First installation in steel trade
Wanko enters the steel market. The first installation of the route planning software PRACAR in the steel trade takes place. The control of workstations can be seen as a highlight.
2nd generation warehouse management
The porcelain manufacturer Villeroy & Boch relies on Wanko. The first installation of the second-generation warehouse management system goes off successfully.
Always on the pulse of time
Due to the rapidly developing infrastructure in the field of hardware and PC programming languages, it was possible to continuously improve the performance of the Wanko logistics control system.
Wanko Invents today's "encircling with the mouse"
Marking the orders on a digital map and circling a certain area is a self-evident function in planning today. At that time, it was revolutionary and invented by Wanko.
Tour planning of the 2nd generation
"More gas, less air" is the motto. The installation at CARBAGAS in Switzerland is the first installation of the second tour planning generation - under MS-DOS.
Wanko digitizes the logistics world
At that time, there were only maps in paper form, so optimizing tours was only possible in list form. Wanko therefore began to digitize maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland on a so-called digitizing tableau.
Age of MS-DOS
In this year, the changeover from MS-COBOL to the MS-DOS program took place.
The first on-board Computer
In cooperation with the Andes Company, Wanko produces the first on-board computer and thus enters the hardware business.
Invention of the PC
The development of electronic data processing and the invention of the first PC made it possible to transfer processes to EDP. Thus, the functionalities could be mapped automatically for the first time. The software and hardware architecture available from now on formed the cornerstone of today's indispensable tool for logistics planning and control.
Starting shot
In 1972, Wanko found its origin as a logistics consultancy. As there was no electronic data processing at that time, customers' processes in the warehouse and in route planning were analyzed, optimized and implemented manually.
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