Logistics software for food and enjoyment

Food logistics have to meet high demands, especially when it comes to transport. Maintaining the cold chain is just as relevant as volume flow analyses, which enable further optimization.

Through volume flow analysis, we make the associated adjustments to your tours quick and easy to implement. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

Create optimized frame tours taking into account

  • Delivery and approach conditions
  • Reference quantities per customer, assortment and THM
  • Delivery Rhythms
  • Fleet capacities

Provide up-to-date account balances for your customers at any time and settle differences directly. The integrated means of transport management enables automated recording of the means of transport movement including billing and cost calculation.

Provisioning and ramp control helps you plan tours more efficiently in terms of available space in the loading process. With PraCar, the available capacity and the current occupancy of the individual gates can now be taken into account during subsequent loading, even during route planning.

Wanko customers are convinced and enthusiastic

CCDC 38 2020 Nachgefragt bei Philippe Huwyler 1500 927
"With Pracar, we were able to say goodbye to our previous concept of rigid framework tours and get optimal results with very high utilization rates of all trucks despite the extremely short-term planning."
Philippe Huwyler
Managing Director, coop.ch
"We are more punctual in many areas with the new technology, can optimize routes and reduce vehicles, and are also able to provide information more quickly."
Dominik Drzastwa
Fleet manager Riedstadt site, Transgourmet

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