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PraBord - Telematics software for transparent and digital route planning

WANKO PraBord-Fleet-Management-System Truck-App

PraBord was developed to manage transports on the road – simple, data-driven and digital. With PraBord you keep track of the tours, the fleet and thus your logistics at all times.

Trucks and headquarters are networked via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or a telematics device and exchange the necessary data via an interface. So that you can align your logistics internationally, this works in different languages. This makes it possible to implement seamless track & trace, tried-and-tested returns management, complete proof of delivery and traceable empties handling.

Innovative telematics: Keep track of your fleets and tours at all times with PraBord.

Digital route management for your logistics processes

All tour data is transmitted fully automatically and clearly displayed to the driver. Changes to the tour positions are transmitted to the driver in real time and confirmed with one click.

Additional information about the tour is transmitted to the driver online. Communication between the driver and the control center is bidirectional, and the vehicle becomes a mobile office where the driver can be reached at any time.

The tour data is permanently synchronized with the planned arrival times along the entire tour. The driver and dispatcher are automatically warned of impending deadline violations. Customers can be informed about schedule changes at any time.

The lane progression and vehicle position are visible to the dispatcher at all times. Additional transport orders can be accepted and scheduled at short notice.

Loading and unloading is done via a reliable scan function that documents all transport quantities.

Field-proven system functionalities are made available on the mobile terminal, which can be used to process return orders, loading equipment and empties.

With a digital signature, drivers or customers confirm receipt or return. Proof of delivery is automatically prepared for document management. Damage cases are recorded via photo function and made available to the dispatching department.

The functionality for printing documents, such as delivery bills or similar, is fully integrated in the standard. There are interfaces to the common standard printers.

Temperature data is permanently taken over and an alarm is triggered in case of imminent limit violations. Standard interfaces ensure the integration of various cooling monitoring systems.

The tour post-calculation is done by PraCar based on the PraBord data reported back. The post-calculation of the tour is carried out via the “tour comparison TARGET-ACTUAL”.

Checklists and delivery bills can be edited and documented fully digitally. In this way, they provide valuable services on the way to your fully digital logistics processes.

Core functions of a fleet management system

WANKO PraBord-Fleet-Management-System Startlager

In the launch camp

With the completion of the disposition the starting signal follows. The planned tours are sent manually or automatically to the on-board computer and synchronized later in the vehicle. Notification about a tour can be made days in advance. The driver is able to request and select tours himself.

On the pick-up date, the driver takes over the truck at the specified ramp of the warehouse or drives to the first customer for pick-up to receive goods. Packages are scanned for completeness and damage and reported to the control center with the appropriate information.

The tour release takes place via status message. The driver is on the road and the dispatcher is in controlling mode from now on.

WANKO PraBord-Fleet-Management-System App

On the road

Tour positions can be added or removed by drag&drop. The driver will receive a message about this immediately.

Thanks to the transmission of routes to the navigation software and real-time GPS data from the truck, inefficient shortcuts are a thing of the past. Constant queries to the driver are no longer necessary. The current location of the vehicle and its current activity is displayed synchronously and clearly for you in the route planning.

The integrated navigation software of our partners not only records the transmitted customer coordinates, but also takes truck restrictions into account.

By constantly updating the estimated arrival times in the planning program, all parties involved have an overview of the tour times. In this way, dispatchers and sales can inform customers about delays up to date and intervene.

WANKO PraBord-Fleet-Management-System Kundenstopp

At the customer stop

At the customer stop, the driver records all units actually delivered (orders, delivery bills or individual packages) by scan or, if necessary, by input. Occurring transport damages will be recorded photographically. The control center receives the corresponding feedback online. This completely replaces manual and analogue backflushing in the control center.
A digital signature is used for confirmation on the part of the recipient. This is stored as proof of delivery directly in PraCar for every dispatcher to see.

At the stop, returns are also recorded immediately. The acceptance or delivery of loading equipment, empties or deposit bags takes place digitally and provides the head office with stock in advance for further planning.

On arrival at the customer’s premises, the driver can easily record all the loading equipment actually delivered (scan or input) and photograph any transport damage that occurs. The data is fed directly into the system, completely eliminating the need for manual back data entry at headquarters.

Additionally, PraBord offers the possibility to accept a digital signature from the customer. These are stored as delivery notes directly in PraCar for each dispatcher.

You work in a future-oriented manner and at the same time build up seamless shipment tracking for your customers.

WANKO PraBord-Fleet-Management-System Ziellager

In the target warehouse

During unloading, PraBord ensures not only easy handling but also the clear display of all positions for the driver or unloader.

During unloading scanning, the returns of the current tour are recorded as well as the number and type of loading equipment. In addition, PraBord has all the specifics to also recapture empties or deposit bags.

Upon return or arrival at the destination warehouse, all necessary data is reported back to the scheduling department. The driver confirms the end of the tour and downstream systems such as e.g. the PraMag warehouse management tool can take over the service.

PraBord can be used interface-free with the tour planning PraCar. In addition, all upstream or downstream systems integrated into the supply chain can be connected.

WANKO PraBord-Fleet-Management-System Tourenplanung

Tour planning

Our telematics software PraBord is the ideal complement to Wanko tour planning. Together with the route planning system, the telematics and fleet management solution opens up new possibilities for efficient logistics. Use our know-how to optimize your processes between ERP system, route planning and telematics.

Additional functions of a fleet management system

On the basis of a continuous target/actual comparison, the dispatcher is put in a position to act at any time in the event of disruptions. Route decisions can be made quickly, intuitively, and data-driven with the support of digital road maps. PraCar calculates the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each tour stop, shows you the live position of the vehicle and helps you stay actionable at all times.

Always keep an overview, analyze the quality of the tours with a view to punctuality, for example, and transfer our evaluations to your preferred analysis tool. With PraCar you manage your fleet, check tours and evaluate driving behavior digitally.

In case of delays or problems with your tour, we will help you with our intelligent notification system. If the driver’s working time has been exceeded, the tour is late or a customer stop has been cancelled, you will receive an alert based on the live tour data.

What customers say about us

Werner Kreimer, Transportlogistikleiter Region Mitte, Österreichische Post AG
"The implementation of Pracar and Prabord at Austrian Post has gone well and we have not regretted the decision to use Wanko."
Werner Kreimer
Transport Logistics Manager Central Region, Austrian Post AG
Maik Otto, Prozessoptimierer, Messer Group
"We will continue to master all challenges together with Wanko in the future. Our cooperation is characterized by great trust."
Maik Otto
Process Optimizer, Messer Group
"Even for new colleagues without an affinity for IT, it's easy to learn how to use the Wanko Suite. Once you've seen it, you quickly get to grips with it."
Michael Herzner
Logistics Manager, Kraft Building Materials
WANKO zufriedener Kunde Post Österreich
"Even in 2020, when we were working at the breaking point due to huge increases in parcel volumes, our Pracar transport software ran like Swiss clockwork."
Andreas Schulreich
System Administrator, Austrian Post AG
"We are more punctual in many areas with the new technology, can optimize routes and reduce vehicles, and are also able to provide information more quickly."
Dominik Drzastwa
Fleet Manager, Transgourmet
WANKO zufriedener Kunde Coop
"With Pracar, we were able to say goodbye to our previous concept of rigid framework tours and get optimal results with very high utilization rates of all trucks despite the extremely short-term planning."
Philippe Huwyler
Managing Director, coop.ch

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