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The further training of your employees is a key to the company’s success and is particularly close to our hearts. Use the full scope of PraCar route planning with the help of our user training courses. We support you with our efficient knowledge transfer so that you are successful in the long term with our logistics software.

In addition, our user training courses offer you an excellent opportunity to expand your network within and across industries.

Your advantages at a glance:

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Management: Manuel Döring

Investment: per participant and day (incl. training documents, lunch, drinks, snacks)

  • Customers with maintenance contract             475,00€
  • Customers without maintenance contract       575,00€
Attetntion, limited number of participants!

Conference venue: Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH
Gewerbestraße 1, D-83404 Ainring

Our training program at a glance
New training program from May 2024!

WANKO Schulung Basis

Basic training PraCar

From 0 on tour and a look behind the scenes: Our basics

  • Master data
  • Order data
  • Disposition route planning
  • Restrictions
  • Rights and role management
  • List and mask configuration
  • Tour evaluation and deployment plan


New dispatchers or employees in EDP who are to be trained as future product managers or administrators and want to deepen basic knowledge about PraCar.

Employees who want to attend the advanced courses and do not have much experience with PraCar.

WANKO Schulung erweitert

Advanced training PraCar

For current and future Wanko users who want to deepen their knowledge

  • Free optimization base
  • Automatic driver assignment
  • Tour schedule
  • Tour orders tab
  • Handling warehouse
  • Area planning
  • Reference customers

Employees who have attended the basic course or have experience using the Wanko suite.

The programming toolbox for optimal fine-tuning of your processes.

Wanko Basis Schulung PraMag

Basic training PraMag

For smooth warehouse management

  • Basics of bearing assembly in PraMag
  • Introduction PraMag programs
  • MDE processes

Employees and pontential Wanko users who want to refresh their knowledge.

The main focus is on the basic understanding of PraMag and the MDE processes in the daily business

Wanko Erweiterte Schulung PraMag

Advanced training PraMag

For current and future Wanko users who want to deepen their knowledge

  • Article program – master data
  • Inventory information – inventory management and troubleshooting tips.
  • Order program – order management and troubleshooting tips
  • Control station – monitoring outgoing goods and troubleshooting tips
  • Configuration program – master data – and user administration
  • Inventory – preparation, execution and troubleshooting tips.
  • Protocols – creating and evaluating
  • Useful – masks and list configuration


Key users and those who want to become key users and have completed the basic training and/or have many years of experience with PraMag.

Long-time Wanko users who want to deepen/enhance their knowledge, focus on working with the different programs, their use in troubleshooting and configuring the system.

WANKO Schulung Workflows


The programming toolbox for optimal fine-tuning of your processes

  • Process control through
  • Programming kit

You are familiar with Wanko programs as a key user, program administrator or product manager and also away from day-to-day business, have a basic understanding of programming and want to further optimize your processes.

The goal of the course is to analyze existing workflows, adjust included parameters and create lightweight workflows as a design by yourself.

WANKO Schulung Administratoren

Administrator training (takes place online)

So that the use of the functions remains controlled and traceable.

  • Basics operating system
  • Use of MsSQL / Oracle
  • Installation of PRACAR3000
  • Interfaces


  • Basic IT knowledge
  • Specially designed for system administrators
  • Relevant for IT administrators
    So that all potentials can be exploited.
WANKO Schulung freie Optimierung Simulation

Free Optimization & Simulation

So that all potentials can be exploited.

  • Optimization procedure
  • Optimization parameters
  • Procedure for optimization tasks

For those who already have some experience with PraCar and want to exploit even more potential.

For a successful use of Free Optimization, your route planning should be able to fall back on reliably maintained planning variables such as weight or pallet spaces.

WANKO Schulung Frachtabrechnung

Freight billing

256 to the power of 256 possibilities to the point

  • Conditions
  • Freight contracts
  • Invoice runs
  • Credit runs
  • Simulations
  • Cost comparison


  • For all those who need to create freight invoices
  • For your back office and billing
  • Basic knowledge of PraCar tour planning
WANKO Schulung Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports

So that everything comes from a single mold.
  • Data structure
  • Layout design
  • Call and output


  • For all those who develop in-house forms for their customers
  • Experience in daily practice
  • Knowledge of relational databases
WANKO Schulung Crystal Reports II

Crystal Reports II

Go in depth

  • Crystal Reports for advanced users


  • Crystal Reports Training

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