Quality and perfection through efficient coordination and integration of production

With our PraCar, PraMag and PraBord modules, you control your processes consistently and transparently.

Use our PraCar route planning software to support your own fleet or to plan deliveries with a third-party carrier. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

The close interaction of PraCar route planning and PraMag warehouse management also allows you to dynamically control your delivery warehouse when you are not producing to order.

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Create optimized frame tours taking into account

  • Customer conditions such as delivery and start-up conditions
  • determined reference quantities per customer, assortment and THM
  • optimized delivery rhythms
  • available fleet capacities as a basis for a rolling framework tour plan, if required. In the case of branch offices, you will create an outline route plan based on an optimized assignment of customers to locations (branch office or HUB) and required shuttle traffic. A dynamic framework tour plan forms the basis for your operational planning.

The planned tours are optimally assigned to the individual production days, naturally taking into account day-related conveyor capacities. In doing so, PraCar takes into account the band values shown in the tours. In the event of capacity overruns on individual belts, automatic load balancing takes place. Furthermore, the loading date is automatically determined and then assigned to the individual tours and reported to the ERP system.

This module offers the possibility to automatically notify tours to recipients and service providers. Service providers are provided with the data via a configurable interface.

The staging and ramp control helps you to make route planning in the loading process more efficient with regard to the available space. With PraCar, the available capacity and the current occupancy of the individual gates can be taken into account during subsequent loading, even during route planning.

Your planned tours are forwarded to the Transporeon platform. Accredited forwarders are deposited there, which can submit their offers for the tender of the contract.

By comparing costs, you immediately determine the costs of the selected tours and make the most cost-effective decision to assign them to your own or an external fleet.

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