Chemistry & Liquid Gases

Our PraGas module was developed specifically for tanker transport, while PraCar is excellent for shipping gas in cylinders.

We support both public institutions and service companies from a wide range of sectors in planning their logistics processes.

Optimizes frame tours for cyclical store delivery. Short-term reorders for the next day, delivery of dry goods or temperature-controlled transports.

We know what your industry demands. To stay one step ahead of the competition, permanent improvement of your processes is essential.

Don’t worry about the optimal tour, the optimal vehicle, or the best route to your destination. Leave this task to PraCar.

Whether for the supply of oxygen, blood units for hospitals or the rapid transport of vital medicines, Wanko offers efficient and safe solutions with its software.

With the help of our many years of experience in the furniture trade, you can plan and optimize the storage and transport of your products.

With Wanko route planning, you can optimize your transports from a large number of small cartons with many unloading points, to paper rolls weighing tons with special types of vehicles.

The close interaction of PraCar and PraMag also allows you to dynamically control your delivery warehouse when you are not producing to order.

By using PraCar, you as the dispatcher of the steel trader will be able to meet the requirements of your customers at short notice and with a transparent overview of the costs.