Logistics software for medical devices

Wanko has years of experience in the warehousing of medical supplies via the PraMag warehouse management tool. Whether for the supply of oxygen, blood units for hospitals or the rapid transport of vital medicines, Wanko’s software offers efficient and safe solutions for your logistics. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

We provide you with route planning software with a proven integrated forecasting process, demand-based order generation, optimized fleet control, on-time delivery to your tank and cylinder customers, and reliable provision of delivery data. In doing so, PraGas schedules vehicles at multiple locations and refueling at different charging sources within the tour.

Our PraMag warehouse management software is a stress-proof building block for ensuring the best possible care for hospitals, even in challenging times.

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PraCar’s new forecasting system ensures that tanker trucks are always optimally filled and that the right goods are in the right place at the right time.

Thanks to temperature monitoring and optimal occupancy of the vehicles, we make our contribution to supplying people with blood reserves, for example.

The PraMag warehouse management tool reliably manages your warehouse and provides you with facts and figures around the clock.

With our modular functions, you can make health a little safer: for example, with temperature management, which ensures the qualitative safety of your goods along the entire supply chain.

Wanko relies on the extremely precise and self-developed forecasting system PraGas. Storage locations with their fill levels and optimum logistical supply are thus combined with maximum safety for tank and cylinder customers. Thanks to the PraBord telematics solution, the actual consumption values for tank deliveries are transmitted electronically to the control center.

These companies successfully rely on Wanko solutions