Chemistry & Liquid Gases

Chemistry & Liquid Gases

Logistics software for chemicals and liquefied gases

Wanko offers a proven, customized industry solution for the transportation of liquid products such as technical gases, propane gas, chemicals or mineral oil.

Our PraGas module was developed specifically for tanker transport, while PraCar is excellent for shipping gas in cylinders. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

  • Increased planning quality
  • High deadline and delivery reliability
  • Increased truck utilization
  • Accelerated pace of cylinder gas picking
  • Excellent data evaluations
  • Efficient use of parking spaces

In addition to the technical data such as tank capacity and tank pressure, minimum fill levels and the calculated safety stock, the days of consumption, the order type and the validity period are also recorded for the tank.

The self-learning forecasting tool determines the demand and the tank level and thus calculates the basis for precise order generation. Subsequently, an automatic order generation takes place on the basis of the determined delivery cycles in order to optimally design the delivery quantity and delivery time.

Based on the customer’s consumption behavior, a forecast is made of future consumption and future tank levels per calendar day.

For containers equipped with a telemetry system, the current fill levels can be imported into the system via an interface. This results in an exact determination of the correct delivery time.

The existing forecast orders are optimally assigned to customers, tanks and trailers in an automatic planning run, taking into account all restrictions. The planning run takes into account vehicle locations, loading sources with available product capacities, and production costs.

After successful delivery, the tour and delivery note data are recorded back. Consistency checks between total tour data and individual delivery bill data ensure error-free backward recording of the delivered and refueled quantities at the containers and sources. In conjunction with telematics, this data is automatically recorded.

Wanko customers are convinced and enthusiastic

"Prabord has been a revolution for us. It gives us not only the current position data and the actual kilometers driven, but also the delivery data - and all this without delays and almost completely paperless."
Markus Renner
Supervisor of the route planning system, Messer Group
"We will continue to master all challenges together with Wanko in the future. Our cooperation is characterized by great trust."
Maik Otto
Process Optimizer, Messer Group

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