Logistics service provider

Logistics service provider

Efficient and flexible control in warehouse, route planning and telematics

Wanko Route Planning is an indispensable tool for your everyday life as a forwarder or logistics service provider. Plan partial, consolidated and complete loads optimized and fast. You no longer have to rack your brains over how to find the optimal tour or the ideal vehicle to the corresponding loading or unloading point with as few empty kilometers as possible, but simply leave this task to our PraCar software.

Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

Thanks to the integrated telematics PraBord, you get a transparent overview of the actual status of all tours and vehicles.

Before accepting the order, PraCar offers you the possibility to calculate your costs in advance, ensuring the profitability of your orders. In this way, PraCar route planning becomes an effective controlling aid that helps you keep your costs under control.

Order entry can be done by manual creation, order templates, serial orders as well as automatically via interfaces. The orders entered can be costed immediately or presented as a quotation at the touch of a button and then converted into an order.

PraCar supports the dispatching of general cargo, partial and full loads. You also schedule scheduled transports with or without meeting points and resource exchange.
The system supports you in the following planning variants:

  • manually (drag&drop),
  • semi-automatic,
  • as well as automatically.

Automatic planning enables rolling planning from the planned vehicle end point to the loading point (approach/empty run).

The resource deployment plan provides you with an overview of the progress of active tours. Through the support of the telematics solution PraBord, a comparison with the specified tour is automatically performed. In the event of deviations, e.g. longer idle times, the dispatcher receives an indication of a possible tour hazard.

The system performs an automatic debit/actual posting. Current loading equipment inventories are thus visible at all times. The creation of account statements, loading equipment posting lists and inventory reconciliation is system-supported. Likewise, you can create invoices for loading equipment.

Furthermore, package information (status, delivery status, etc.) can be viewed.

The PraWeb track & trace tool allows you or your customers to view the current status (loading status, delivery status) of shipments.

This function enables the automatic creation of invoices and credit notes. The simulation of modified freight contracts is possible at any time. You receive a clear cost comparison in the form of tabular or graphical evaluations.

This module offers the possibility to automatically notify tours to recipients and service providers. Service providers are provided with the data via a configurable interface.

With the connection to our warehouse management system PraMag, the tours planned in the scheduling department are immediately visible in the warehouse. Thus, the load can be efficiently managed and provided.
Extend PraCar with PraBord telematics and send tours directly from the tour planning to the on-board computers and compare, for example, the planned route with the route actually driven.

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