PraCar – Transport Management

Transportation Management System.


Route planning software to optimize your logistics

Optimize your deliveries and create transparency in your transport costs – Wanko offers the software solution for successful transport logistics. Our route planning software PraCar optimizes your entire goods delivery – from strategic simulation to operational planning and implementation. As a result, you get optimally planned tours for every requirement profile.

PraCar masters all common planning types and is pre-administered and regularly updated to match your processes. In order to ensure full performance at all times, PraCar is extended with specific functionalities of a general nature.

Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH offers 50 years of experience in logistics for different areas and industries with its logistics software. Plan and optimize your tours with PraCar. Because…tomorrow starts with us.

Plan and optimize your transports with PraCar.


Wanko Suite digitally maps all your processes and delivers powerful performance.

Optimized tours and processes tailored to your needs save you costs and working time.

PraCar offers a workflow editor that enables the automation of a wide variety of dispatching processes.

Quick adjustment and change of scheduled tours at the push of a button help in proactive tour control.

Loading and unloading is done via a reliable scan function that documents all transport quantities.

Field-proven system functionalities are made available on the mobile terminal, which can be used to process return orders, loading equipment and empties.

Simple drag & drop scheduling with maximum compatibility with third-party systems make our software intuitive and compatible.

PraCar provides a graphical deployment plan that shows where the vehicles and drivers are located.

Clear and transparent order processing, forecasting and analysis make your processes transparent.

We have individual solutions for your industry.

Checklists and delivery bills can be edited and documented fully digitally. In this way, they provide valuable services on the way to your fully digital logistics processes.

Core functions of a transport management system according to the guideline VDI 3601

The PraCar Transport Management System offers all core functions of the VDI guideline 3601:

WANKO PraCar-Transport-Management-System Transportauftrag

Transport order

Transfer transport orders to the planning system automatically or manually and directly via web access. In addition to basic data such as loading point, unloading points, weight, volume or loading meter and delivery times, additional information such as the traffic situation or opening hours of the customer can be taken into account. PraCar also offers convenient order entry that is compatible with various third-party systems such as SAP.

WANKO PraCar-Transport-Management-System Disposition


Optimal tours can be planned and optimized using different methods. The fully or partially automated route planning finds optimal routes for your transport orders. The route planning system PraCar takes deliveries and pick-ups into account simultaneously in the planning run and provides manual dispatching for your strategic route planning.

With PraCar, tours can be compiled and optimized both manually and automatically. In-house developed, excellent and field-proven algorithms are applied. If you have optimized your tour planning, you can save optimized tours as templates and use them again.

Punctual and organized arrival times are a relief for private customers and business clients. The different notification options were incorporated into PraCar in unison. Via backlink the notification is confirmed bidirectionally. This is how a vague appointment becomes a fixed appointment.

So that you can optimally align your resource management based on your own capacities, PraCar helps you to always keep an overview. Whether vehicle and driver management or the planning of external service providers, our resource allocation module benefits your entire logistics process.

WANKO PraCar-Transport-Management-System Begleitung

Tour guide

On the basis of a continuous target/actual comparison, the dispatcher is put in a position to act at any time in the event of disruptions. Route decisions can be made quickly, intuitively, and data-driven with the support of digital road maps. PraCar calculates the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each tour stop, shows you the live position of the vehicle and helps you stay actionable at all times.

Always keep an overview, analyze the quality of the tours with a view to punctuality, for example, and transfer our evaluations to your preferred analysis tool. With PraCar you manage your fleet, check tours and evaluate driving behavior digitally.

In case of delays or problems with your tour, we will help you with our intelligent notification system. If the driver’s working time has been exceeded, the tour is late or a customer stop has been cancelled, you will receive an alert based on the live tour data.

WANKO PraCar-Transport-Management-System Kosten

Transport costs

With the help of the analysis functionalities, the costs and revenues of the planned and driven tours can be calculated and evaluated. Give your schedulers the ability to view effort and revenue in the schedule so they can estimate and process quotes in a timely manner.

In customer cost accounting, extensive options are available for customer-specific pre-planning (simulation calculation) and billing of tours. This way, you keep relevant cost centers in view and can fully focus on the evaluation.

PraCar offers various evaluation options for different areas of your analysis. Crystal Reports® creates all the documentation you need for delivery, such as load and tour lists, for you. The data required for planning and operational management decisions are statistically recorded and analyzed using Qlikview (PraStat). Alternatively, you can transfer the data to Microsoft ®Excel for evaluation at the touch of a button or select a tabular display directly in PraCar.

WANKO PraCar-Transport-Management-System Branchen

Other / industry characteristics

Finding the optimal location for a warehouse is a challenge for logistics planners. With the module Storage Location Optimization from PraCar, simulations are possible for the search of the suitable location. Based on the customer and supply structure, suitable locations are selected in a defined area. A temporary storage site is established as the base option. Other variants are compared with the base variant to determine the most suitable storage location.

Control and plan your tours by taking into account relevant data such as production utilization or free capacities. Graphical display of the production workload, transparency in the case of manual interventions, consideration of fixed deadlines, etc. are essential components for successful production control with PraCar.

Assembly planning is a fast-growing market segment in customer service. The customer receives a backlink via SMS or email to make the appointment with a staff member. Subsequently, the delivery and installation services are performed. The documentation of goods delivery and additional services for billing complement the assembly planning with PraCar.

For years, Wanko’s Workflow Configurator has been an enormous facilitator in the creation of individual process flows in the logistics software suite. In view of the interwoven processes between the players in the logistics world, the possibility of modeling processes in the workflow takes on additional weight.

Additional functions of a transport management system according to the guideline VDI 3601

The PraCar Transport Management System offers the following additional functions of the VDI guideline 3601:

Keep track of your transportation resources. Maintain loading equipment accounts per vehicle, carrier, depot or customer. Combined with the specific means of transport as well as possible means of transport pools, the mapping of all workflows with the associated status messages is successful. In addition, PraCar lets you automate workflows and realistically track loading and unloading bookings as part of a tour. Get PraBord, the perfect complement to the driver’s booking of individual means of transport. Fully integrated. Powerful. Uncomplicated.

Multimodal transportation chain design integrates road and rail transportation to provide seamless freight movement. It offers companies the opportunity to avoid bottlenecks, reduce transportation costs, and respond flexibly to changing requirements while using environmentally friendly transportation options. Through the use of advanced logistics technologies and efficient planning, multimodal transportation chain design can promote an optimized and sustainable supply chain.

This process includes receiving and inspecting returned items, processing return and refund requests, storing or refurbishing returned goods, and returning products to the commodity cycle or disposing of them as appropriate. The goal is to provide customers with a smooth and customer-centric return experience while minimizing costs and supply chain impact.

Full integration of telematics into a route planning program involves seamless connection and synchronization of telematics data with the route planning system. Telematics involves the collection and transmission of real-time data from vehicles, such as GPS positions, vehicle status, fuel consumption, temperature measurements and much more. By integrating this data into the route planning program, the following benefits can be achieved:

The integration of telematics into the tour planning program enables a closer link between the vehicle fleet and tour management. This enables companies to make their logistics processes more efficient, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Resource planning for labor management within logistics software refers to the efficient allocation and management of labor and resources in logistics processes. Logistics software enables companies to analyze labor needs, forecast staffing requirements and schedule the right employees for the tasks at hand.

Through effective resource planning within logistics software, companies can optimize labor costs, increase efficiency, avoid bottlenecks and increase customer satisfaction. Seamless integration of labor and resources with logistics software enables comprehensive and efficient management of the entire logistics supply chain.

A quote management system within a route planning software enables companies to efficiently manage quotes from different logistics service providers and select the best provider for their transport orders.

Quote management in trip planning software streamlines the vendor selection process, reduces manual effort, and enables faster and more informed decision making. As a result, it helps improve logistics processes and increase efficiency in route planning and execution.

What customers say about our transport management system PraCar

Werner Kreimer, Transportlogistikleiter Region Mitte, Österreichische Post AG
"The implementation of Pracar and Prabord at Austrian Post has gone well and we have not regretted the decision to use Wanko."
Werner Kreimer
Transport Logistics Manager Central Region, Austrian Post AG
Maik Otto, Prozessoptimierer, Messer Group
"We will continue to master all challenges together with Wanko in the future. Our cooperation is characterized by great trust."
Maik Otto
Process Optimizer, Messer Group
"Even for new colleagues without an affinity for IT, it's easy to learn how to use the Wanko Suite. Once you've seen it, you quickly get to grips with it."
Michael Herzner
Logistics Manager, Kraft Building Materials
WANKO zufriedener Kunde Post Österreich
"Even in 2020, when we were working at the breaking point due to huge increases in parcel volumes, our Pracar transport software ran like Swiss clockwork."
Andreas Schulreich
System Administrator, Austrian Post AG
"We are more punctual in many areas with the new technology, can optimize routes and reduce vehicles, and are also able to provide information more quickly."
Dominik Drzastwa
Fleet Manager, Transgourmet
WANKO zufriedener Kunde Coop
"With Pracar, we were able to say goodbye to our previous concept of rigid framework tours and get optimal results with very high utilization rates of all trucks despite the extremely short-term planning."
Philippe Huwyler
Managing Director, coop.ch

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