Logistics software for the steel industry

Transportation in the steel industry is characterized by high order rhythms and small batch sizes. The order deadline is an important criterion that determines delivery quality and good customer service in retail. Use our logistics software to plan and execute tours more efficiently. Optimize your logistics now with our software for transport companies.

PraCar enables users to meet the individual specifications of their own customers and at the same time helps to create cost transparency. Numerous features have been developed specifically for the steel industry: With our PraStahl module, the user receives an overview of future orders and can thus carry out coordination processes with customers several days in advance.

Process and schedule your customers’ orders automatically based on the following parameters:

  • Fixed and variable delivery dates that can be controlled via priorities.
  • Available fleet capacity for each branch.
  • Delivery restrictions with regard to order dimensions, which also take into account excess lengths, maximum lengths and widths.
  • Unloading specifications such as wetness protection – This information is stored at the unloading address and taken into account in the planning.
    Variable, product-related vehicle capacities such as the maximum loading capacity for sheet metal.

Monitor incoming orders per branch online through the capacity monitor.

All data, from positions to tours from picking, are permanently imported so that you can keep an eye on the status message at all times.

Create an individual loading list by halls or by customers.

Post-optimization is used to efficiently allocate reorders to planned tours.

PraCar enables a simple and clear evaluation of planning results based on significant key figures.

Improve your delivery service with end-to-end shipment tracking by scanning each package as it is loaded and as it is unloaded.

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