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Saviva relies on Wanko: Optimized right up to the cable car

Saviva AG has been managing its fleet with the PraCar route planning system and the PraBord telematics system from Wanko since 2022 and has thus significantly advanced digitalization. Automatic route optimization reduces the workload of dispatchers and increases delivery quality.

Investing in software requires trust. It often turns out during the introduction that there were misunderstandings about the scope of services beforehand. Sometimes your own processes can only be mapped with the new IT solution at great additional expense. With this in mind, the Swiss company Saviva AG played it safe when changing its route planning software. Saviva is one of the three major nationwide distributors specializing in the needs of restaurants and hotels, among others. Deliveries to around 10,000 customers are made by around 190 of the company’s own commercial vehicles.

"The aim of the joint workshop was for Wanko's IT experts to record the actual and target processes. The multi-stage approach also helped us to strengthen the necessary trust in Wanko"

Robert Antal | Project Manager, Transportation

WANKO Saviva AG Robert Antal Projektleiter Transporte

First workshop, then contract

After the fundamental decision in favor of Wanko Informationslogistik as IT partner, both companies agreed on an intensive workshop, with the initiative coming from Wanko. “The aim of the joint workshop was to record the actual and target processes by Wanko’s IT experts. The multi-stage approach also helped us to strengthen the necessary trust in Wanko,” explains Robert Antal, who works at Saviva AG as project manager for transportation.

It was only on this solid knowledge base that Saviva and Wanko launched the introduction of the route planning software PraCar and the telematics system PraBord. Despite the coronavirus pandemic at the time and a change of ownership, the project was completed on time and within budget. Saviva AG has been part of Heba Food Holding AG since November 2021.

Saviva vertraut auf Wanko: Transportsoftware und Telematik

Special solution for mountain inns

During the workshop, all critical processes in daily delivery were identified. This includes, for example, supplying the mountain inns, which can only be reached by cable car. In the absence of personal contact, the recipient cannot acknowledge receipt of the goods in these cases. This constellation was taken into account when PraCar and PraBord were introduced in 2022. “If the recipient cannot be found in person, the driver can select the “Delivery on order” button in the PraBord app,” reports Antal, who has been working with dispatching software since 2006.

He had already investigated various solutions at that time and discovered PraCar as “the optimal route planning system for Saviva”. However, the company initially used an add-on integrated into the merchandise management system (SAP) to control its own vehicles. Later, they switched to a tool from the then parent company Migros. “However, we lacked mathematical route optimization at all times,” emphasizes Antal. This could only be realized through independence from Migros. “Without Migros, we suddenly needed our own transport management system. Against this background, we came back to Wanko because we were able to get an integrated and proven solution for route optimization and telematics from a single source in addition to scheduling and order management,” recalls Antal.

"By reducing the workload, we have achieved one of the main objectives of the software introduction. Our dispatchers now have much more time for our drivers and the special cases that arise in everyday life"

Robert Antal | Project Manager, Transportation

Good experience from previous projects

In addition to the costs and end-to-end functionality, Wanko’s main selling point was the positive experience that Walter Künzler, Head of Supply Chain and Logistic Services at Saviva, had already gained in previous projects with other employers. The 25 or so dispatchers employed at the 12 Saviva locations were also involved in the decision and were quickly convinced by the ergonomics and performance of the solution.

Just like the Wamas warehouse management system used at Saviva, the PraCar route planning system is directly connected to SAP. The orders received there by 12:00 noon are first selected by Wamas into large and small orders and then transferred to PraCar via SAP – the core business involves around 2,000 to 2,200 orders per day. By 2 p.m., the dispatchers have formed and optimized around 200 routes to deliver to customers, with PraCar taking a noticeable load off their shoulders. You can now see the status of all shipments at a glance, including the “Logistics Services” division. In addition to its own transports, Saviva also handles orders for third-party customers. In addition, there are the daily shuttle tours for the supply of goods to the 11 nationwide locations from the central warehouse. For this step, Wanko programmed what is known as pool loading.

“By reducing the workload, we have achieved one of the main objectives of the software introduction. Now our dispatchers have much more time for our drivers and the special cases that arise in everyday life,” emphasizes Antal. In the next step, the tours created in PraCar are forwarded to SAP and from there back to Wamas to start picking the roll containers.

Saviva vertraut auf Wanko: Transportsoftware und Telematik

Tours at the touch of a button

At the same time, PraCar’s tours are provided in PraBord. PraBord is the telematics system integrated into PraCar, which enables end-to-end mobile order management through to digital delivery receipts. At Saviva, the PraBord app is installed on smartphones that every driver has been equipped with. As soon as the drivers log on to their smartphones early in the morning at around four o’clock, they can download their routes at the touch of a button. The entire loading process is handled by PraBord and any progress is reported back to PraCar. Drivers currently also receive a paper loading list, but this is to be abolished in the next digitalization step.

After loading, the driver completes the departure check with PraBord and his smartphone and sets off. PraBord navigates him safely to his destination. In the event of route closures, the driver can adjust the tour sequence manually by moving the individual destinations. Of course, every change is immediately transmitted to PraCar so that the dispatchers always have an overview of the routes actually driven. At the reception point, the customer confirms on the display of the smartphone – unless it is one of the aforementioned mountain inns.

Joint further development

The Wanko solution has already been proving its worth at Saviva for around a year. “It only took five months from setting up the test environment to the rollout,” confirms Robert Antal. However, the project manager has no intention of resting on his laurels just yet. Together with Wanko, he is planning further improvements and digitalization steps for the future. In the next step, Saviva wants to evaluate the data collected by PraCar and PraBord on the actual trips taken and use it as a basis for management decisions. These include, for example, utilization rates, idle times and punctuality. A photo function for documenting deliveries and transport damage is also to be implemented in the near future. In view of his experience to date, Robert Antal is looking forward to the next steps in the project with confidence. “We are delighted that Wanko is continuing to develop together with us.”

Background: Saviva AG

With around 500 employees, Saviva AG is active in Switzerland with solutions for the catering, hotel and healthcare sectors. Its focus is on the needs of suppliers and large-scale consumers. It offers a comprehensive wholesale range, logistics specialized in our market and market-leading digital sales and purchasing solutions. Everything from a single source and yet individually tailored to the requirements of our customers.

In addition to its headquarters in Brunegg, the company has 11 regional logistics and goods handling centers as well as a deep-freeze warehouse in Neuendorf (consignment). Its approximately 10,000 customers include hotels, restaurants and healthcare institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, Spitex organizations and healthcare centers. Deliveries are made by around 190 of the company’s own commercial vehicles.
Saviva AG has been part of Heba Food Holding AG since January 2021.

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Saviva vertraut auf Wanko: Transportsoftware und Telematik

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