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ROMA Logistik: Roller shutters, venetian blinds and textile screens on tour

For twelve years, ROMA Logistik GmbH has been digitizing and optimizing its processes with the logistics software suite from Wanko. A return and loading equipment management system has now also been integrated into the solution.

Countless variants, goods that cannot be palletized, a wide range of dimensions and demanding customers: Shipping individually manufactured roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens places the highest demands on logistics. The packages range from small hand-held transmitters, fly screens and guide rails to roller shutter panels, blinds and five-meter-wide textile screens.

No wonder that ROMA KG – the leading manufacturer of sun shading systems – has set up its own subsidiary to supply the more than 20,000 customer addresses stored. ROMA Logistik GmbH, based in Jettingen-Scheppach, ships 45 to 60 swap bodies with up to 500 packages each every day. Three dispatchers and a team leader control 90 of the company’s own trucks and around 20 to 50 other vehicles from subcontractors.

"We wanted an end-to-end system for interim storage, transport planning and telematics that communicates with our ERP system via a single interface.

Only Wanko could offer us that in this form at the time."

Simon Kinzel | Fleet Manager ROMA Logistik GmbH

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Consistent solution sought

It’s hard to believe that this work was carried out without digital support until 2012.
“Back then, the routes were marked with pins on a large map and the warehouse employees picked using paper lists,”
remembers fleet manager Simon Kinzel. However, it was foreseeable that future growth and a further increase in customer service would not be feasible without a high-performance IT solution. The core requirement for the potential software supplier was clear: “We wanted an end-to-end system for interim storage, transportation planning and telematics that communicates with our ERP system via a single interface,” says Kinzel and adds: “Only Wanko could offer us that in this form at the time.”

Wanko implemented a solution that accompanies and controls each individual package from the time it is received from the Burgau, Ludwigshafen, Oschatz or Rostock plants until it is delivered to the customer. The warehouse employees and drivers were equipped with mobile computers for this purpose. Every customer order entered is transferred directly from the ERP system to Wanko’s logistics software suite. On this basis, the three dispatchers can roughly plan the routes to the respective destinations. They are also supported graphically by the Wanko route planning system PraCar. This planning is constantly supplemented and optimized by incoming orders. “We remain flexible in our route planning right up to the end in order to offer our customers the shortest possible delivery times,” states Kinzel.

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Erfolgsstories: Lager Scanner Roma Logistik GmbH

"We remain flexible in our route planning right up to the end in order to offer our customers the shortest possible delivery times"

Simon Kinzel | Fleet Manager ROMA Logistik GmbH

No more search times

As soon as the truck with the announced packages arrives in Jettingen, each part is unloaded and scanned with a ring scanner. During unloading, up to 40 warehouse employees sort the goods by destination into the corresponding goods issue areas. Each storage location is also scanned and “married” to the package number. This allows the position of all packages to be called up on the mobile computer when the swap bodies are subsequently loaded – usually on the same day. Long search times are now a thing of the past.

Another advantage of this solution is that new employees can be trained quickly. “Colleagues are guided through the process step by step via the mobile computer display. A great deal of prior knowledge is not required,” emphasizes Kinzel.

Note against forgetting

The packages are scanned once again when they are loaded onto the swap bodies. If a colli is overlooked, the employee receives a message on the display of their handheld device. The same applies to the subsequent unloading processes, as the drivers are also accompanied by mobile computers. These are equipped with the PraBord telematics app, which controls mobile order management. The respective tour data is transferred from PraCar to PraBord and shown to the driver on the display. Navigation can be started directly from the order.

The multiple scanning of all packages on their way from incoming goods via the interim storage area and the loading area of the truck to the customer plays a key role at ROMA Logistik. On this basis, all ongoing and completed processes can be tracked at any time and errors minimized. The improved quality and transparency also increases customer satisfaction.

Erfolgsstories: Lager Scanner Roma Logistik GmbH
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"Colleagues are guided through the process step by step via the mobile computer display. No previous knowledge is required"

Simon Kinzel | Fleet Manager ROMA Logistik GmbH

Pictures of the parking location

The software also offered further potential for improvement. One new feature, for example, is that drivers can take a picture of the parking location using the photo function integrated in PraBord. “Sometimes it can happen that our customers can’t find the goods left by the driver. In these cases, the photo of the drop-off location linked to the order provides quick clarification,” says Kinzel.

Another new feature is the loading monitor, which informs drivers about the current loading status of their swap bodies. One monitor was installed in the dispatch area and one in the drivers’ break room. As a result, colleagues can now spend waiting times in a more relaxed manner, helping themselves from the coffee machine while keeping an eye on the screen. The loading progress for all swap bodies can be read off there as a percentage. “The LoadingMonitor has significantly improved our processes because the drivers no longer have to ask the warehouse staff when the tour is expected to start. In the past, this has repeatedly led to interruptions in loading activities,” recalls Kinzel.

Secure returns management

Another optimization concerns the returns process, which is now also mapped with PraCar. Repair orders or complaints that are to be recorded during delivery tours must be reported to the scheduling department. Customers receive a collection date and a barcode label that must be affixed to the relevant goods. The driver scans the barcode at pick-up so that the goods can be tracked seamlessly from this point onwards. The announced goods are received and processed in Jettingen.

This process also works if the originally agreed collection date cannot be met. “In practice, it sometimes happens that a defective roller shutter has not yet been removed on the agreed day,” explains Kinzel. In these cases, the system registers that the collection has not been carried out and a new appointment must be made.

Conversely, the driver can also take delivery of the goods earlier than agreed. After all, many customers are served several times a week. If the goods are ready on Wednesday instead of Friday, the driver can independently add the unexpected return to his route. All he has to do is open the corresponding dialog in PraBord and scan the returns label.

Erfolgsstories: Tourenmonitor Roma Logistik GmbH
Erfolgsstories: LKW Roma Logistik GmbH

"By expanding the route planning software, we now also have seamless loading equipment booking with maximum transparency"

Simon Kinzel | Fleet Manager ROMA Logistik GmbH

Seamless loading equipment booking

The most recent improvement concerns the 30,000 or so loading devices that are not always exchanged step by step with customers and suppliers. These are frames up to six meters long, which are designed and built by ROMA in different variants. Each of the valuable load carriers has a serial number that will be scanned each time it is loaded and unloaded in future. The route planning software was adapted for this purpose. “Thanks to the expansion, we now also have seamless loading equipment booking with maximum transparency,” says Kinzel happily.

Conclusion: The digitalization and optimization of processes at ROMA Logistik is an ongoing process that improves delivery quality, working atmosphere and efficiency. By working together as equals, Wanko will continue to adapt its software solution to ROMA’s ideas in the future.

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Background: ROMA Logistik GmbH

ROMA Logistik GmbH takes over the entire logistics activities of ROMA KG as an independent company. At the company headquarters in Jettingen-Scheppach, ROMA Logistik has a 38,000 m² logistics center with an 11,000 m² transshipment hall. Around 80 percent of the goods produced are shipped from here. The company’s own fleet comprises around 90 trucks. Other loading sites are located in Obernai in France (for the French market) and Rostock for deliveries to customers in the north and east of Germany. The delivery area covers France, Benelux, northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the core market of Germany.

ROMA KG, based in Burgau, Bavaria, specializes in sun shading systems. The medium-sized company has stood for roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens made in Germany for more than 40 years. Over 1,500 people are employed at six locations.

Further information can be found at www.roma.de.

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