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Transgourmet: Lean tours with good taste

Transgourmet Germany and its subsidiary Frischeparadies have thoroughly modernized their own IT landscape. This process is still being implemented at the Selgros Cash&Carry stores, which also belong to the Group. An essential part of the innovations is the tour planning and telematics software from Wanko. The focus is on optimized tours, reduced driving distances and fleet capacities, maximum transparency, simple return processes and a low error rate.

Hotels and restaurants, company canteens or schools and retirement homes: food from Transgourmet Germany is used in many places where food is served in a variety of facets. Every day, up to 800 trucks leave 13 distribution centers to deliver fresh fruit, vegetables, frozen foods and other products just-in-time. As a full-line supplier, Transgourmet trades in a total of 35,000 different items, 15,000 of which are permanently in stock. For customers in the catering and mass catering industries, the most important thing is 100% delivery reliability. Because what do the guests say when the announced Chicken Biryani is missing the chicken?

"Through Coop.ch's experience, we knew that Wanko's solutions could be easily implemented in existing or new systems such as SAP. This has convinced us sustainably of Wanko".

Peter Grille | Logistics Planner at Transgourmet

Better customer service

In 2016, the professional in pick-up and delivery wholesale launched an extensive project to modernize its own IT structure. The aim was to make consistent use of the new technological possibilities to improve the company’s own services. In the course of this, the merchandise management system was also further developed with automated processes for warehouse management and route planning. Transgourmet wanted to be able to serve its clientele even better and more individually.

The new IT structure consists of three interlocking programs: the enterprise resource planning system from SAP, the solution from Wanko with the PraCar (route planning) and PraBord (telematics) modules, and the WAMAS warehouse management system from SSI Schäfer.
“This was a real challenge. Because all systems had to be replaced step by step”
, emphasizes Peter Grille, logistics planner at Transgourmet. But that’s not all. The IT landscape was also to be converted from the decentralized stand-alone terminals at the individual sites to a central client-server solution.

Positive experience makes Wanko the first choice

The decision in favor of Wanko was influenced by the very good experience that the Swiss parent company Coop has had for many years with the route planning and telematics software of the medium-sized IT specialists. The Confederates were completely convinced by the functionality, quality and benefits.
“Through Coop.ch’s experience, we knew that Wanko’s solutions could be easily implemented in existing or new systems such as SAP. This convinced us of Wanko in the long term”
, says Grille.

"After the success in Kempten, we followed through with our tight rollout plan. At the end of 2020, the Hamburg site, the last German Transgourmet distribution center, was converted."

Peter Grille | Logistics Planner at Transgourmet

Pilot project starts in Allgäu

The Kempten site was awarded the contract for the pilot project in March 2019. Two weeks before the software changeover, the training teams were already on site to provide support. Dispatchers planned demo tours, truck drivers rehearsed using the new handhelds, customer service representatives entered test orders into the SAP system, and order pickers familiarized themselves with the new warehouse management system. Last but not least, customers were also informed about the changeover, as they were faced with changes to workflows for order confirmations and returns processes.

Teamwork at every position

The switchover went smoothly thanks to very good cooperation.
“We flipped the switch on Friday evening,” recalls Janik Lüders.
recalls Janik Lüders, Team Leader IT Fleet Logistics at Transgourmet. All new orders could now be entered with the freshly implemented solutions. The master data and standard orders – for example, recurring deliveries at weekly intervals – were also stored in the new system.

During the first week of practice, the focus was on close-meshed support and rapid intervention in the event of any errors.
“At each workstation, one or two additional team members from the project were on hand to answer questions and solve problems,”
reports Lüders. But the intensive support continued in the following weeks and the support was adapted to the growing level of knowledge of the employees.
“After the success in Kempten, we followed through with our tight rollout plan. At the end of 2020, the Hamburg site, as the last German Transgourmet distribution center, was converted”
, says Grille.

"Permanent follow-up checks of the tours enabled planning parameters to be optimized, which resulted in a significant increase in the punctuality rate.

Peter Grille | Logistics Planner at Transgourmet

Digital processes save work

In fleet management, the Wanko solution is well received. “With the new technology, we are more punctual in many areas, can optimize routes and reduce vehicles, and can also provide information more quickly. This saves us a lot of work, for example in the case of missing proofs of delivery. Before the changeover, we had to manually pick out the information from the folders here. Manual entry of empty vouchers and returns slips is also no longer necessary: a time expenditure that should not be underestimated, with up to 800 customers at our site alone”.explains Dominik Drzastwa, Transgourmet’s fleet manager at the Riedstadt site.

Low error rates due to scanning of the roller containers

In the logistics halls in Riedstadt, dozens of rolling containers filled with various goods are lined up in long queues. With the help of Wanko, these are assigned to the correct vehicles in each case. “The new software offers us the possibility to scan our roll containers when loading and unloading the vehicles. Only if the right container is booked onto the right truck do the vehicle drivers receive the OK sign for departure after “checking in” the up to 36 roll containers. We have thus once again significantly reduced our error rates“, Drzastwa tells us.

Fast information through live data

Drivers appreciate the specific information they can access on the go on the handheld – for example, who should be notified of the delivery on site and how to unload? But customers also benefit from the Wanko solution. The data is transmitted in real time via handheld. This allows information to be exchanged directly in the event of delays or shortly after delivery.

Service level agreements in the green

One of the requirements for the Wanko solutions was even more reliable compliance with the agreed delivery windows. “By constantly monitoring the tours, we were able to optimize the planning parameters, which resulted in a significant increase in the punctuality rate. This is because the handhelds also report actual data back to us: How long does unloading actually take? How much time elapses between the customer’s arrival and signature? This allows us to plan realistic tours”Grille describes a very essential topic for customer satisfaction. New Wanko services such as the digital cash process, which is mainly used by smaller customers such as kiosks, also provide positive feedback. Here, the driver is shown on the display of his handheld exactly how much he has to charge the customer. “Here, PraCar directly accesses the order data stored in SAP and also takes into account current cancellations and empties returns.”explains Lüders.

Further changes in the Group

All 13 distribution centers of Transgourmet Germany now work with Wanko solutions and the Polish distribution center in Ozarow also uses PraCar and PraBord. The same applies to the subsidiary Frischeparadies with its 10 locations in Germany since March 2023. The conversion of the Selgros Cash&Carry stores, which also belong to the Group, has also already begun. Since December 2022, the first of 38 stores has been working with Wanko. Janik Lüders is involved in all project steps, and the Logistics & IT project manager views the future challenges with composure: “The cooperation with Wanko is simply fun, which is mainly due to Johannes Neuhaus, who has been in charge of the project on Wanko’s part from day one. The communication is perfect and the cooperation runs extremely flexible and very customer-oriented.”

"Working with Wanko is simply fun. The communication is perfect and the cooperation runs extremely flexible and very customer-oriented."

Janik Lüders | Team Leader IT Fleet Logistics

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