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Warehouse management software for efficient logistics

The digital warehouse employee for structure and order

Warehouse management and warehouse logistics with PraMag

The PraMag warehouse management system is the digital warehouse worker for efficiency, structure and order. PraMag is an excellent and long-tested system for controlling and optimizing operational processes in the warehouse.
Taking into account purchase orders and delivery orders, your transport orders are generated and coordinated in the best possible way. The results are optimized processes in the warehouse - from goods receipt to loading.

With the PraMag warehouse control system, Wanko offers the ideal application to help you manage your logistics efficiently.

Intelligent warehouse management: Control your warehouse processes easily with PraMag. Find out more here!

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Added value for your logistics processes

Process-safe changeover

The changeover takes place on the basis of your predefined and optimized processes. Step by step and synchronized with the existing processes.

Uniform system

In combination with PraCar and PraBord, your logistics processes are ideally coordinated and complement each other seamlessly.

Industry solutions.

There are individual solutions and configuration options especially for your industry. Here, our customers benefit from our many years of know-how.

Data exchange and interfaces

Whether connection to third-party systems or data delivery via external systems. PraMag ensures data exchange via appropriate interfaces.

Detailed logistics control center

With the Wanko control station, you make work statuses transparent in an uncomplicated and comprehensible way.

Order picking

All common picking types can be easily controlled via the control station.

Online store integration

We embed your online store in the complete cycle highly efficiently and including all known characteristics.

Concurrent User Model

We adapt licenses exactly to your needs. This saves you money. From day one.

Individual solution for personal logistics.
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Process-oriented control

With PraMag you proactively control the warehouse control center and thus all orders and picks of your employees. You track the work status and thus get an overview of the progress of your orders. Delegate work orders more efficiently and control your logistics in a process-safe way.

Warehouse control station

With PraMag, you optimize the operational control of the warehouse with a clear and transparent display at the control station. Your work progress per delivery order, per work area and overall, are transmitted digitally and in real time to be able to react quickly to potential problems. Once picking is complete, any necessary paperwork such as delivery bills, loading lists or tour lists can be printed.

Automatic replenishment

Using the "automatic replenishment" functionality, all transfer orders and replenishment orders are automatically generated and transferred to the corresponding MDEs. The automatic replenishment control controls replenishment orders for storage bins to which articles are permanently assigned as well as to storage bins to which articles are variably assigned.

Forklift control system

The forklift control system is used to optimally distribute transport orders to individual forklifts. The distribution is process-oriented according to the saved requirements and strategies and takes into account the current location of the forklifts. In this way, you succeed in optimizing the route taken by the vehicles.

Goods receipt

The goods receipt functionalities control the entire process from the first incoming pallets to the completion of an order. A quality control is integrated in the function and indicates shortages at goods receipt. When the order is completed, deviations are shown, displayed at the control station with all data, and released for transfer to the merchandise management system.


PraMag supports all picking types and integrates automated picking and high-bay warehouses. The teams are controlled via MDE or via Pick by Voice. Picking can take place in main run, in preliminary run and in follow-up run and is controlled in each case in order reference, in article reference or via multi order pick reference.

Warehouse in warehouse

Your storage units, which are managed for order assembly from in-house online stores, are integrated into the process control. From automatic replenishment control and picking to packaging and provision for the parcel service, everything is handled by your optimized control system. The connection to parcel service providers exists including automatic labeling.

On-site sale

On-site sales for self-pickup is also integrated into the process control: The orders for self-pickups are ranked in first priority and automatically assigned to the employees in the warehouse. The processes of the picking procedure are adapted to the special requirements of self-pickeups. The employee can create additional order items by simply scanning the item.

Control of warehouse and conveyor technology

The connection of the picking warehouse with control of packing / shipping stations or automatic high-bay warehouses is possible without any problems.
It takes place via the respective MFR (material flow computer) of the respective system supplier.

Provision and Loading

The means of transport are booked and released for loading with a completeness check. Loading can be carried out by scanning on the basis of means of transport, in package reference or overall in tour reference. The booking type of the loading is saved in the control station.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be managed separately for different areas in client reference for consignment warehouses. In goods receipt, the articles are assigned to the transport equipment in the corresponding quantity with all stock-relevant data. These are managed in the respective valid storage bins. A permanent reconciliation of the stock is carried out via permanent inventory, zero quantity control and via targeted inventories on specific articles.


The workflow module offers the possibility to graphically store program codes and thus to add user-specific functionalities to the existing software. The unique workflow functionalities can be used individually and throughout the entire logistics process.


Among others, we offer standardized interfaces to SAP, Navision, Sangross, Unitrade, AS/400 and Charisma. A unique interface configurator allows an individual compilation of the required field contents to any partner or host system.

Introduction during operation

With Wanko, you will succeed in a smooth implementation phase: We realize an implementation concept that guarantees process security, a fluent changeover of processes and an effective use of the software.

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