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Logistics Life 3 One and a Half

We report from the world of logistics with our special edition of Logistik Life. This exclusive online edition of Logistik Life 3 1/2 covers many important topics such as AI, UI&UX design, and research, as well as interesting reports from Traveco Transporte AG, Bremicker Verkehrstechnik, infoware GmbH, and Migros.

Logistik Life | Wanko | Magazin | | Article by Jennifer Wagner
LogistikLife 3.5

Dear Readers,

when you launch a new magazine in this day and age, you're often not spared to speak about the elephant in the room. And even though we're getting tired of the Corona theme - we all just long for the old normality and looseness of social life back - it seems a bit impious not to address it at least a little.

The last issue of our Logistik Life was published about 22 months ago. What has changed since then, both nationally and internationally, is something we all - I think we can all agree - could never have dreamed of. It has also been a tough time for business. In addition to permanent restrictions on trade, all trade fairs were converted to online models, visits to customers were cancelled and even at our company headquarters it was dead air because of the home office. But dear readers, I don't want to get too melancholy here. I'd rather tell you what Wanko has been up to in the last year and a half and give you a little insight into our day-to-day pandemic.

But of course I don't want to give you all the information now, but recommend you take a look at our new Logistik Life 3 1/2, which, in keeping with the trend, appears completely digital.

You can find the Logistik Life 3 1/2 here!

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