5 Advantages of a Warehouse Management System

At a time when companies are managing ever larger inventories and need more efficient logistics processes, warehouse management systems have become indispensable tools. We explain the 5 most important advantages.

Advantage 1: Optimize your inventory system

Warehouse management systems offer you the opportunity to reduce your costs, increase sales and ensure the best customer satisfaction. Especially companies that have so far only worked with Excel spreadsheets quickly reach their limits when it comes to effective inventory processes. With a warehouse management system, you reduce inventory loss – dramatically.

With warehouse management software , you know the exact storage location of each item and ensure that it is available at the desired time, in the right place, in the best quality and in the correct quantity. This tracking avoids excess stock in the warehouse and unnecessary replenishment orders. Inventory is managed on an item-by-item basis and according to stock-dividing characteristics such as batch or version. This makes it possible to reserve stock specifically according to customer requirements. Intelligent reservation strategies ensure that valuable storage space is freed up and isolated stocks do not block it unnecessarily.

Furthermore, a warehouse management system offers the possibility to react quickly to unexpected changes in the logistics process. A warehouse management system also provides valid forecasts for future inventories. In this way, data analyses and reports support not only seasonal trends, but also your individual demand developments.

Articles with the shortest best-before date (MHD) are of particular relevance. For example, a warehouse management system automatically takes into account the items that will expire first. Reduce your loss of value due to unsaleable products.

Last but not least, warehouse management systems enable an intelligent reservation strategy. This way you ensure that certain items remain available for selected customers at all times.

  • Reduce inventory losses
  • High inventory security
  • high transparency of data sets
  • No overstocking due to unnecessary replenishment orders
  • better forecasts for future inventories
  • Prioritization of MHD articles
  • intelligent reservation strategy

Advantage 2: Optimize the scheduling

Effective sequencing is also critical to maximizing operational efficiency in your warehouse. This allows you to optimally coordinate manpower, equipment and storage space capacities. Increase profitability through scheduling controlled with an intelligent warehouse management system.

Optimize the picking paths of your employees. Instead of traveling long or repetitive distances in the warehouse, plan short and efficient routes for your teams from the start. This not only saves you time, but also increases the productivity of your warehouse staff many times over.

With a warehouse management system, you also ensure transparent organization of your incoming and outgoing goods. This means that high-turnover items do not disappear into the back storage bins, but are stored close to the main picking routes to save time. Optimized process planning in the management of your inventories not only minimizes search times, but also helps you avoid bottlenecks in inventory management.

With the help of warehouse management system software, you can increase your productivity by ensuring timely replenishment. It helps your teams monitor your inventory levels and automatically generates purchase orders or production orders when certain thresholds (pre-defined by you) are reached. In this way, you avoid delays and ensure smooth scheduling in the warehouse.

You increase your productivity with the ability to give quick, error-free, and clear instructions to your employees.

  • Optimal allocation of resources (manpower, equipment, storage space)
  • Optimized commission channels
  • transparent organization of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks in the warehouse
  • Increase your productivity
  • timely replenishment
  • Delay avoidance
  • Increased efficiency through paperless picking

Advantage 3: Improve your warehouse utilization

Manage your warehouse in the best possible way with warehouse management software. With intelligent strategies for storage, transfer and reservation, you ensure that your goods are available at the right time and in the correct quantity and quality. In this way, you avoid overloading and ensure a balanced distribution of goods in your warehouse.

Your warehouse management system defines the maximum capacity of your storage areas and prevents overcrowding. This also allows you to quickly identify where there are vacancies, giving you the opportunity to use your storage areas differently or more efficiently.

With a storage strategy tailored to you, you benefit from a sensible compression and placement of your goods in the warehouse. Concealed storage areas were yesterday. Keep space free for future goods. With a smart storage strategy, you not only ensure a tidy warehouse, but also open up potential for higher sales through available storage space capacities.

Intelligent control of your flow of goods is also crucial. With a warehouse management system, you not only optimize your incoming and outgoing goods, but also have efficient transport control.

  • best reservation strategy
  • Avoidance of overfilling in the warehouse
  • Definition of empty places
  • intelligent storage strategy
  • optimized placement of goods
  • smart control of the flow of goods

Advantage 4: All operations without additional interface

With PraMag, you have a comprehensive solution for the management of all your warehouse and logistics processes at your fingertips, for which you do not need any additional interfaces.

One of the main advantages is the avoidance of data inconsistency. Since all operations are recorded and performed within one system, there is no longer any need for manual transfers or data imports/exports between different systems. Not only minimize your error rate, but ensure the integrity and completeness of your data.

In addition, the system offers you fail-safety without dependencies on external interfaces. Your warehouse and logistics processes run via software that ensures smooth operations and prevents bottlenecks. External factors that could be responsible for delays in the supply chain are eliminated from the outset.

Your data security remains guaranteed, as all processes run via one and the same software. Thus, your data can also not be misinterpreted. Ensure your data is not only accurate, but stays that way with a warehouse management system. This reliability provides you with the best basis for accurate planning and confident decision-making.

Since all information is captured and updated in real time, you have the exact overview of your current stock at any time. Warehouse management software facilitates the operational control of all your processes in the warehouse and beyond. This enables you to react quickly and reliably even to unexpected changes in logistics or special customer requests. It also helps you avoid data inconsistencies and guarantees that all your records are up to date.

Automations and standardized processes ensure a very low to non-existent error rate . In addition, the system enables a comprehensive check of data integrity and reliably provides deviations through warnings or error messages.

  • Data loss prevention
  • High reliability
  • constant data security
  • Data always available
  • No delays
  • Data streamlining
  • no data skew
  • Significant reduction of the error rate

Benefit 5: Get full visibility into productivity & outages

A warehouse provides your company with all-encompassing visibility into your productivity as well as your downtime in the warehouse, from employees to stored goods to communication channels. It functions as a kind of operations center that controls and monitors all logistics activities: goods receipt, storage, replenishment, picking, goods issue and loading.

Only with the appropriate software are you able to react adequately to unforeseen failures very quickly. Detect changes or problems based on real-time data and minimize any unnecessary disruption. A warehouse management system provides you with detailed information about all internal workflows. Track lead times and other key metrics to analyze and improve your warehouse performance.

In this way, you optimize your employee workload and coordinate routes, processes and activities around your logistics far better than with manual sheets. The system helps you schedule and assign tasks to your employees based on their availability. This ensures that you distribute the workload evenly and make the best use of your available resources.

All news and information converge in one central place. Reserve specific items and keep communication flowing. Manage your purchase orders, orders and transport orders securely and routinely. Bottlenecks and failures can thus not only be detected at an early stage, but also prevented immediately.

  • Fast reaction to unforeseen failures
  • Real-time productivity data
  • Optimized throughput times
  • fair employee utilization
  • Improved coordination of employees
  • Convergence of all messages
  • Identification of bottlenecks

Conclusion: We have the solution for your optimal Warehouse Management System

Are you planning to benefit from the 5 outstanding advantages of a warehouse management system and make your warehouse processes more efficient, productive and profitable? With the PraMag warehouse management system from Wanko, it works. No matter whether you want to optimize standard processes or imagine a special individual solution for complicated processes: Both is possible with our Warehouse Management System. Trust in our over 50 years of experience.

FAQs about the Warehouse Management System

How to choose the right warehouse management system?

Before choosing a warehouse management system, you should conduct a thorough analysis of your internal requirements. This includes not only the size and capacity of your warehouse, but also what products you store and how many orders you handle each year. The analysis of the actual processes is an important prerequisite for capturing your (complex) processes.
Get information about different warehouse management systems at trade shows, via Fraunhofer IML or online research. At Wanko, we work within a defined project time frame regardless of the industry. We will be happy to advise you on your request.

How to implement a warehouse management system?

Depending on your needs, we implement your warehouse management system very quickly. If desired, step-by-step implementation over a specified period of time is also possible. We will be happy to advise you and take into account your requirements and wishes.

How to integrate a warehouse management system with other systems?

A modern warehouse management system should be able to interface with any system without any problems. Call us.

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